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EverClean Carpet Cleaning Michigan City offers professional carpet cleaning services to Michigan City Indiana and surrounding areas. Our proven multi-faceted carpet cleaning checklist ensures the most thorough carpet cleaning experience possible. EverClean Carpet Cleaning follows a time-tested method of delivering excellent results by first discovering what your carpet fibers are made of as well as constructed. Knowing the difference between the many carpet fibers is the difference between a good job and a great job.

EverClean Carpet Cleaning Michigan City starts by pre-inspecting your carpet to choose the right cleaners for your carpet. Your technician will then vacuum your carpet to remove as much dry soil as possible followed by applying a non-toxic cleaner to help loosen soils from your carpet pile. After pre-treating the carpet, your technician agitates the soiled areas to help loosen up deep soils. After agitation, your carpet cleaning technician uses a special wand to inject very hot water into your carpet pile while simultaneously extracting it out with the wand.

The carpet cleaning method described is known as Hot Water Extraction, and more commonly known as steam carpet cleaning. EverClean Carpet Cleaning Michigan City offers steam carpet cleaning because it is the most widely recommended from carpet manufacturers. Steam carpet cleaning (hot water extraction) is also the most recommended by carpet manufactures to continue your carpets warranty.

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