Furniture Cleaning

EverClean Upholstery Cleaning Nashville Delivers Quality Couch and Furniture Cleaning so Your Sofa Looks, Feels and Smells Fresh! If you’re looking for Couch Cleaning, Upholstery or Furniture Cleaning Nashville, call EverClean!

Service Includes:

  • Expert Upholstery Cleaning
  • Soap-Free | Fabric Stays Cleaner, Longer
  • Cleaner Leaves No Sticky Soap Residue
  • Deep-Scrubbing Grime Removal
  • Searing-Hot Water that Extracts Soils
  • 50% Faster Upholstery Dry Time

Also Features:

  • Expert Cleaning Professionals
  • Powerful Tools & Equipment
  • Safe, NonToxic Cleaners
  • Door Covers to Keep Air in, and Bugs Out
  • Non-slip Floor Mats
  • Corner-guards to Protect Your Walls

Cleaning Packages

Contact | Great for cleaning the areas that count – where our bodies touch! Includes: Surface of the seat, backrest, headrest, armrest and leg rest only. It does Not include beneath cushions, the back or side of furniture.

Contact+| The most practical package, Contact+ includes cleaning both sides of the seat cushion so you may flip them at a later date. Note: If the seat cushions are sewn in, we can can clean behind the seat cushions instead. If both are sewn in, we will include back and sides of the furniture.

Complete | We clean all areas of the upholstery including behind and beneath the cushions, the back and sides as well. Basically, every stitch of the upholstery.

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Nashville EverClean offers quality upholstery furniture cleaning including microfiber, cotton, linen or leather upholstery. We offer three upholstery cleaning packages to ensure you receive the level of service you desire. EverClean uses non-toxic detergents with only the best equipment to thoroughly clean your Nashville sofa, arm chair or loveseat. We also offer additional upholstery cleaning services including fabric protection, pet hair removal and a hospital-grade sanitizer and deodorizer application.

Natural Fiber Upholstery Cleaning

While most upholstery fabrics today are made from synthetic fibers such as polyester, we see our share of cotton and linen fabrics that require professional cleaning and handling. Both linen and cotton are plant-based fibers that can yellow if humidity levels are too high in your home or office.

Known as cellulose browning, the metal ions within the fibers rust with the high humidity leaving a yellow or brown appearance – think old news paper. EverClean upholstery cleaning uses special equipment and techniques along with non-toxic cleaners to leave your fabric clean and soft.

Leather Upholstery Cleaning

EverClean offers professional leather cleaning and conditioning to prolong and protect your leather furniture. We use special cleaning techniques as well as conditioners to leave your leather furniture clean and soft.

Additional Upholstery Services

  • Detailed Pet Hair Removal
  • Sanitizing Application
  • Deodorant Application
  • Anti-wick Fiber-guard