Carpet Cleaning Methods

Carpet Cleaning Methods

There are several carpet cleaning methods to choose from, and knowing how each procedure works will help you achieve a cleaner, healthier carpet. Carpet manufacturers recommend having your carpet cleaned for health first and appearance second. Your carpet is a catch-all for dust and allergens that accumulate within the carpet pile. In fact it is said that carpet is the largest filter in your home! Choosing a carpet cleaning method that best removes the soil and allergens is key to cleaner, healthier carpet.

Hot Water Extraction (Steam Carpet Cleaning) – EverClean and most Nashville carpet cleaning companies use hot water extraction, also known as steam carpet cleaning, as their cleaning method of choice. This method is preferred by most carpet manufacturers to maintain proper Indoor Air Quality, carpet appearance and warranty certification. Steam carpet cleaning is the most effective carpet cleaning method for two reasons: dilution and extraction. It is said that the solution to pollution is dilution.  This carpet cleaning method essentially flash-floods your carpet with extremely hot water while simultaneously extracting the moistened soils with a powerful vacuum. No other cleaning method reaches deeper and removes more soils than steam carpet cleaning. Most carpet manufacturers recommend a professional steam carpet cleaning every 12 to 18 months to maintain factory warranty.

Bonnet Carpet Cleaning – (Dry Cleaning or Low Moisture)  Bonnet carpet cleaning is widely used as an interim carpet cleaning method between regular cleaning services. The method involves pre-spraying carpeting with a cleaning solution then using a rotary floor machine with a spinning disc to transfer soils from the carpet pile to the cleaning bonnet. Bonnet carpet cleaning is mainly effective in commercial settings where the carpet pile is thin. In residential settings, carpet pile is typically thicker, which results in only a top surface cleaning. the bonnet method is usually not recommended fo r residential carpet cleaning.

Dry Foam Method (Dry Cleaning) – The dry foam method uses mechanical brushes to brush in shampooing detergents, which are then removed with a wet vacuum.  A chemical process called encapsulation crystallizes any remaining soils which are then removed through subsequent dry vacuuming.  While the dry foam method is known as dry cleaning, it does include moisture but at a lesser amount.

Shampoo Cleaning Method – Similar to the dry foam method, the shampoo carpet cleaning method involves more moisture and an extra defoaming step to help with the extraction of soils with a wet vacuum. Remaining soils and detergent residue is then dry vacuumed out of the carpet through the encapsulating process described earlier.

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