Rug Cleaning in Nashville

EverClean Rug Cleaning in Nashville

EverClean Rug Cleaning in Nashville offers professional oriental area rug cleaning to the Greater Nashville TN area. We offer in-plant rug cleaning and in-home rug cleaning to meet your needs. Our Nashville rug cleaning service is dedicated to cleaning and preserving your rugs so they lasts for generations. Our Nashville rug cleaning service also offers pick-up and delivery service, or you may drop your rugs off at our location two miles north of Skyline Hospital, by appointment only.

In-Home Rug Cleaning

Get an In-Home rug cleaning that delivers quality results without the hassle of moving your area rug. While having your rugs cleaned at our facility delivers better results, our In-Home rug cleaning removes a significant amount of surface soils similar to carpet cleaning.

  • Good Soil Removal
  • Rug Doesn’t Move
  • Safe, Effective Detergent
  • Rug Backing Stays Dry
  • Safe for Hardwood Floors
  • 8 to 12 Hour Dry-time
  • Pet Odor Treatment Available
  • Fiber Protection Available

Standard In-Plant Rug Cleaning

Get In-Plant Standard Cleaning to thoroughly clean the face fibers, rug backing and the fringe of your wool, cotton, silk or synthetic rug fibers. Our In-Plant Standard Cleaning removes a significant amount of soils so your rug looks great and lasts for years to come.

  • Significant Soil Removal
  • Drying Rack, Fast-dry Fans
  • Safe, Effective Detergent
  • Pet Odor Treatment Available
  • Fiber Protection Available

In-Plant Rug Cleaning Bath

Get In-Plant Rug Bath, our most invasive rug cleaning that gets your fine rugs that cleanest. Our In-Plant Rug Bath submerges your finely woven rugs into a water bath to flush out pet urine, dander, soils, allergens and more. We then gently scrub, squeegee and extract the soils for the most thorough results.

  • Maximum Soil Removal
  • Drying Rack, Fast-dry Fans
  • Safe, Effective Detergent
  • Pet Odor Treatment Available
  • Fiber Protection Available

Rug Pick-up or Delivery

For an additional charge, we offer rug pick up and delivery services to the Greater Nashville area. You may also drop off and pick up your rugs Monday through Friday between 8:10AM and 9AM, by appointment only. Our estimated rug hold time is approximately two weeks.

Rug Cleaning in Nashville Information

oriental rug cleaning nashville tn

EverClean Carpet Cleaning in Nashville, TN offers a thorough, in-plant rug cleaning service for your oriental area rugs. Before cleaning your rug, we perform a detailed inspection to ensure the safest cleaning possible including foundation strength, fiber type and dye testing. We then carefully clean your rug the way it was made, by hand.

Our Nashville rug cleaning service uses minimal power tools to safeguard your fine rugs from harsh mechanical problems such as fiber loss, fiber distortion and dye loss. We also use soap-free, pet-safe All-Spray detergent that doesn’t contains harsh, toxic ingredients. Our rug detergent is specifically formulated for wool, cotton and silk rugs, but also does a great job cleaning polypropylene, olefin and other synthetic fibers.

Rugs With Pet Odors

Does your fine area rugs have pet urine stains and odors? It is very common for pets to mark on wool rugs because they smell another animal – sheep’s wool. Pet urine on a wool rug requires a lengthy rug bath to flush out the urine prior to cleaning. We also use Ur-Out, a probiotic enzyme urine odor eliminator that safely and naturally decomposes urine odors permanently.

Rug Cleaning in Nashville Precautions

oriental rug cleaning containing viscose

Please note the following cautions regarding pet urine removal from natural fiber rugs. Pet urine permanently stains natural fibers including wool, cotton, linen, silk, jute, sisal, etc. There are times we can greatly mitigate the urine stains and odors; however, we make no guarantee for complete urine stain or odor removal.

When a natural rug has urine contamination, it must soak in our natural neutralizing solution to remove as much urine salts as possible. This may cause dye loss wherever the dyes have been exposed to pet urine as the urine can destabilize permanent dyes. Pet urine permanently affects the natural rug’s value and appearance. EverClean assumes the position of damage control only and in no way makes any guarantee to completely restore the rug to new condition. If you need rug cleaning, choose EverClean’s rug cleaning in Nashville.