Tile Cleaning

EverClean Tile & Grout Cleaning Nashville Delivers Deep Tile Cleaning so Your Travertine, Natural Stone or Porcelain Tile Looks Great Again! If you’re looking for Tile Grout Cleaning Companies for your Residential Home, give EverClean a call!

Service Includes:

  • Professional Tile & Grout Cleaning
  • Deep-Scrubbing Soil Removal
  • Clean-Water Micro-Flush Extraction
  • Grout Etching for Like-New Appearance
  • Tile Grout Sealer for Lasting Beauty

Service Also Features:

  • Expert Tile Cleaning Technicians
  • Professional Tools & Equipment
  • Powerful, NonToxic Cleaners
  • TruckMounted Equipment & Results
  • Door Covers to Keep Air in, and Bugs Out
  • Non-slip Floor Mats
  • Corner-guards to Protect Your Walls

Tile & Grout Packages

Standard Service | Removes dirt and grime from natural stone floors including travertine tile, porcelain, marble and other beautiful natural tiled floors as well as manmade ceramic tile.

Deep Clean Service | Includes the Standard Cleaning Service with a second cleaning solution that naturally resurfaces the grout lines revealing a new, clean layer beneath. Note: Grout absorbs oil, which can permanently darken grout lines. While cleaning grout is worth the attempt to see its final result, heavily-stained grout may require replacement.

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Tile Grout Cleaning Nashville

EverClean offers tile and grout cleaning services to Nashville, TN. Renew your floor and wall tile & grout to its original luster including shower surrounds and backsplashes! Our expert tile & grout cleaning service returns the newness to grungy tile and grout! Our tile grout cleaning process involves removing lose soils by pre-vacumming, applying powerful, grime busting detergents, then machine agitating the tile to loosen all the ground in soils. We then use a specialized, high pressure tile cleaning wand to extract all the gunk revealing the beauty of your Nashville tile and grout beneath!

To preserve the appearance of your tile and grout we offer a grout sealant that coats your tile to keep it looking great! Similar to the shine on your hardwood floors, we coat your grout with a sealant so stains and soils cannot affect your grouts natural beauty. Call EverClean Tile and Grout Cleaning today for a free phone quote! 615-379-3278

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