Tile & Grout

EverClean offers tile and grout cleaning services to Nashville, TN. Our tile grout cleaning service involves a thorough vacuuming followed by an application of powerful cleaner. The tile and grout cleaner helps loosen soils prior to our machine agitation to further loosen embedded soils within in grout lines. After agitation your Nashville tile & grout is ready for cleaning.

EverClean uses a high pressure tile cleaning wand that uses over 900 pounds per square inch of water pressure to pressure wash your tile and grout lines. The tile cleaning wand simultaneously extracts the water and soils where it is dumped in our waste tank in our van. After the high pressure tile grout cleaning your floor is clean and ready to be admired.

To preserve the appearance of your tile and grout we offer a grout sealant that coats your tile to keep it looking great! Similar to the shine on your hardwood floors, we coat your grout with a sealant so stains and soils cannot affect your grouts natural beauty. Call EverClean Tile and Grout Cleaning today for a free phone quote! 615-379-3278

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