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Carpet Cleaning Methods

Different Carpet Cleaning Methods

There are several carpet cleaning methods to choose from, and knowing how each procedure works will help you achieve a cleaner, healthier carpet. Carpet manufacturers recommend having your carpet cleaned for health first and appearance second. Your carpet is a catch-all for dust and allergens that accumulate within the carpet pile. In fact it is said that carpet is the largest filter in your home! Choosing a carpet cleaning method that best removes the soil and allergens is key to cleaner, healthier carpet.

SteamDry Carpet Cleaning

steamdry carpet cleaning

SteamDry Carpet Cleaning, our preferred carpet cleaning method, combines the benefits of both steam carpet cleaning and dry carpet cleaning without their drawbacks. SteamDry cleans carpet fibers twice, both wet and dry, using up to 70% less water than steam carpet cleaning. This ensures your carpet pad stays dry to avoid carpet mold. While the carpet is still moist, we then scrub the fibers using dry absorbent pads to further remove additional moisture and soils. SteamDry is the best carpet cleaning method because it deep cleans your carpet with a two to four hour dry time. 

Steam Carpet Cleaning

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Hot Water Extraction (Steam Carpet Cleaning) – This carpet cleaning method essentially flash-floods your carpet with extremely hot water while simultaneously extracting the moistened soils with a powerful vacuum. Most carpet manufacturers recommend a professional steam carpet cleaning every 12 to 18 months to maintain factory warranty. Recent problems with steam carpet cleaning includes over-wetting carpet fibers and padding, which can lead to carpet mold. Choosing the right carpet cleaning company is critical when wanting your carpet steam cleaned. Note: Steam is not actually used during the process. Hot mist water appears as steam because of the jets uses during the process. 

Dry Carpet Cleaning

dry carpet cleaning

Bonnet or Dry Carpet Cleaning – (Dry Cleaning, Low Moisture or Very Low Moisture) – Bonnet or Dry Carpet Cleaning is widely used carpet cleaning method that offers a two hour carpet dry time. The method involves pre-spraying carpeting with a cleaning solution then using a rotary floor machine with a spinning disc to transfer soils from the carpet pile to the cleaning bonnet. Dry carpet cleaning is highly used in commercial settings where the carpet pile is thin. In residential settings, carpet pile is typically thicker, so a thorough preagitation is recommended for best results.

Dry Compound Carpet Cleaning

Dry Compound Carpet Cleaning involves pre-misting the carpet fibers before brushing in an absorbent cellulose powder. The cellulose powder is more absorbing than the soiled carpet fibers so soils stick to it as opposed to the fibers. Once the carpet is completely dry, the cellulose powder is dry vacuumed out of the carpet along with the soils sticking to it. 

This method of carpet cleaning is very effective; however, some of the dry compounds can contains carcinogenic solvents. If you’re considering using dry compound carpet cleaning, we recommend reviewing the dry compound’s Safety Data Sheet (SDS) especially if there are infants or toddlers on the carpet. Dry Compound is also used for upholstery cleaning as well, so the same precautions should be considered prior to use.

Shampoo Carpet Cleaning

Shampoo Carpet Cleaning Method is another dry carpet cleaning option that uses the suds from a lathered shampoo to moisten the soiled carpet. Once completely dry, the remaining soils and detergent residue is then dry vacuumed out of the carpet through the encapsulating process described earlier.

Shampooing carpet is not as widely used as it was in the past. However, this method is still used for shampooing cotton upholstery. Because cotton is a cellulose fiber, it can turn yellow as it dries. This is known as cellulose browning. Shampooing cotton fibers can reduce or eliminate cellulose browning.

As you can see there are several carpet cleaning methods to choose from. The most widely used carpet cleaning method industry-wide is Steam Carpet Cleaning, followed by Dry Carpet Cleaning with Dry Compound Carpet Cleaning and Shampoo Carpet Cleaning being the least used of the carpet cleaning methods.