Coronavirus COVID-19 Disinfecting Service Nashville

Many of us in Nashville, TN are concerned with contracting the Coronavirus sickness. Also known as COVID-19, what cleaning measure can we take to reduce the spread of COVID-19 to ensure our home and office stays safe.

EverClean offers COVID-19 disinfecting services using an EPA pre-approved disinfectant called E23. E23 has up to 99.9% pathogen kill rate when applied properly to non-porous surfaces.

EverClean’s Home and Office Disinfecting Service involves applying E23 to common touch points such as door knobs, handles, table tops, faucet handles and many other common touch-points to effectively eliminate Coronavirus. This allows your employees to feel they’re in a safe and disinfected environment.

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What is the Best Carpet to Buy?

I recently had a customer ask me which carpet is the best carpet to buy. Without going into my theory of quantum physics and the molecular structure of carpet fibers, I simply responded “nylon!” As a carpet cleaner, I see all types of carpets ranging from berber to cut pile to even carpet squares. The reason I recommend nylon carpet fiber is because of it’s amazing durability. There are three main synthetic carpet fibers available on the market today: nylon, polyester and polypropylene. Both polyester and polypropylene are oil based and therefore very hard to stain. In fact, only oil can stain these fibers, but that also includes shoes soles, especially those black foam flip flops which rub off like chalk! The bad news about oil based carpet fibers is that they break down within a year of two in heavy traffic areas. Nylon on the other hand wears like a tank. I have seen thirty year old nylon in a home that actually looked in fairly desecnt shape save the retro 70’s colors. The bad news about nylon capret is that it stains easier because it’s more pourous, but most carpet cleaners can remove most stains. In short, I would rather buy carpet that’s going to wear 15 years as opposed to 2 years. Here’s a cheap test before buying, go to a home improvement store and buy both nylon and polyester rope. You will instantly be able to tell the difference in quality.

Viva La Carpet!

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Pet Odor Removal from Carpet

Pet urine is one of the worst substances to have in your carpet. Not only is it an ugly stain, it also contains odor causing bacteria that live long after you apply a store bought cleaner.

When your dog or cat urinates on your carpet it rarely sits on top just waiting for you to clean it up. No, it absorbs through the carpet and into the padding where it sets up shop, literally. When pet urine goes into your carpet pad, urine salts begin to crystalize. Over time these urine crystals absorb moisture from the air, subsurface or anywhere possible. This process enables the bacteria to continue their life cycle, which is the cause of the pet urine odor.

Naturally, most people turn to store bought cleaners as a remedy to remove the urine stain and pet odors that come with it. The problem with store bought pet odor removal cleaners is that most of them only mask the issue. If you’re reading this post, you’ve likely cleaned the stain once or twice and yet it continues to return. This is because the dog urine in the pad re-evaporates to the surface as the salts find new moisture in the air. In short, the old pet urine needs to be removed from the pad either through subsurface extraction or enzyme applications.

Next to replacing your carpet and pad, there are two ways to rid the padding of the pet urine: subsurface extraction and enzyme treatment. Subsurface extraction involves saturating the contaminated area with strong disinfectants while using a special flood extracting tool to remove the solution from the carpet and pad. This method can also be accomplished with a lot of large cotton towls to extract the solution, but it’s messy and not as effective.

The second option involves saturating the contaminated area with a liquid enzyme substance. When the carpet and pad are saturated, the enzymes begin eating the odor causing bacteria and within a time of 4 to 14 days the pet odor bactria should be fully digested. At application, the area is to remain saturated until is fully dries. Cleaning the area afterwords is recommended. You can purchase enzyme cleaners and most local pet stores.

EverClean carpet cleaning uses both approaches to remove the most pet urine from your carpet. After flushing your pad, our expert technicians inject enzymes directly into the padding so you may walk on the carpet without getting your feet wet. Call today for a free dog urine pet odor removal estimate. 615-379-3278

Drinks That Stain

We’ve all spilled our drinks on the carpet a time or two, and getting them up before is top priority before you’re left with an ugly carpet stain.

So what actually causes the stain?

Drinks such as cool aid, gator aid even some juices contain synthetic dyes to brighten up the drink so it looks good to drink. The problem with synthetic dyes is that they’re small enough to seep into the dye locations on each carpet fiber. Now not all carpet fibers are created equal, so some you’re ok to spill all you want, others it’s not that easy.

Most carpets today are made of ether nylon, polyester or polypropylene. The good news about polyester and polypropylene is that they’re made of oil, so synthetic dyes wont adhere to these fibers. The bad news is that oil can stain these two, but that nothing a good solvent wont remove. Now for nylon. Nylon is the most popular carpet fiber because it wears so well. In fact, nylon is known to last beyond 15 years. Nylon feels soft as opposed to polyesters plasticy feel. The problem with nylon is found in the tiny holes along the fibers where the manufacturers inject the carpet color dye. Both polyester and polypropylene have their color added when they’re still in liquid form, which means their color goes all the way through their fibers. Nylon on the other hand has to have the carpet color infused through these dye spots.

When a food or drink that contains synthetic dyes spill onto nylon carpet, the dye finds its way into the carpet fiber just as the manufacturer did when your carpet was made. This is why certain stains just wont come out – typically red and orange. There are some ways to remedy these types of stains through either preventative stain guards or stain removers.

EverClean Carpet Cleaning recommends having your carpet protected by a stain guard that includes acid dye blockers. The acid dye blocker works by blocking the dye spot on each fiber so synthetic dyes cannot penetrate the fiber. Note that stain guards are only good for about a year in normal traffic areas as the thin film eventually wears away. It’s recommended that you have your carpet stain guarded at least once every year.

Other ways of removing synthetic stains include powerful stain removers, patching, and steam stain removal. A professional carpet cleaner should have a strong oxidizer that when applied hides the stain by adding oxygen to it’s molecules. This hides the stain by changing its molecular structure. Another way is by using a stain remover with a wet cotton towel and an iron. EverClean Carpet Cleaning recommends having a professional use the iron as too much heat and time will remove the dye that the manufacturer added.

Nashville EverClean Carpet Cleaning hopes this article was helpful. If you have further questions or need assistance in carpet stain removal, please give us a call.

Brandon Branco
EverClean Carpet Cleaning Nashville

Known Carpet Cleaning Methods

Wikipedia lists several known carpet cleaning methods widely used today. EverClean Carpet Cleaning Nashville offers both steam carpet cleaning, also known as hot water extraction as well as bonnet carpet cleaning for commercial applications. Contact EverClean Carpet Cleaning Nashville for more information regarding Nashville carpet cleaning methods.

Carpet Cleaning Methods

Steam Carpet Cleaning

Hot Water Extraction (Steam Carpet Cleaning) – EverClean and most Nashville carpet cleaning companies use hot water extraction, also known as steam carpet cleaning, as their cleaning method of choice. This method is preferred by most carpet manufacturers to maintain proper Indoor Air Quality, carpet appearance and warranty certification. Steam carpet cleaning is the most effective Nashville carpet cleaning method for two reasons: dilution and extraction. It is said that the solution to pollution is dilution.  This Nashville carpet cleaning method essentially flash-floods your carpet with extremely hot water while simultaneously extracting the moistened soils with a powerful vacuum. No other cleaning method reaches deeper and removes more soils than steam carpet cleaning. Most carpet manufacturers recommend a professional steam carpet cleaning every 12 to 18 months to maintain factory warranty.

Steam Great for Allergies

As middle Tennesseans, many of us experience the year-long allergen season, but replacing those carpets with wood or tile may not be the best answer. Steam carpet cleaning not only improves your carpet’s longevity, but also increases Indoor Air Quality within your home or office.

Similar to an air filter, carpet is a catch-all for dust, pollen and other allergens. A 2002 study by Triangle Research Institute (RTI) and University of North Carolina found that hard surface floors exposed students to higher levels of indoor allergens as compared to carpeted surfaces. Shaw Industries, the largest North American carpet manufacturer, recommends removing soils and allergens through steam carpet cleaning (hot water extraction) every 12 to 18 months. Similar to changing your indoor air filter, steam cleaning removes the soils and allergens that have built up over time. Having your carpets steam cleaned significantly improves your Indoor Air Quality as well as the longevity of your carpet. Call EverClean today to learn more about the benefits of steam carpet cleaning.