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How Often Should I Clean My Area Rugs?

The rug cleaning industry recommends cleaning your rugs between 6-18 months depending on use and rug placement. There are factors such as soil level, rug placement, and health concerns that can better help you gauge when you should book your next rug cleaning.

Soil Level

         The type and amount of soil your rugs are exposed to is going to help determine how often it should be professionally cleaned. For instance, a small family with no pets might have less soil exposure rather than a larger family with a couple of animals. It’s recommended that if you have more people living in your house and/or with pets, every 6-12 months is more appropriate for a professional cleaning. Fewer people in a household with no pets should go for the general 12-18 months.

*Tip- Rug soils are usually dry, vacuuming regularly will help with the dry soils not piling up and making maintenance a bit easier.

Rug Placement

         Rug placement is also a determining factor. If you have a rug that sits under a dining room table, it likely gets the occasional spill on it. If a rug is near the kitchen, airborne cooking oils will attach themselves to the fibers on your rug. It is best to go with a professional cleaning due to the expert analysis, safe and nontoxic detergent our technicians use, and thorough extraction with professional-grade equipment.

You might have a runner that is located on the stairs or in a primary hallway. Areas such as these are considered “concentrated traffic areas”. These rugs should be cleaned about every 6-12 months professionally.  If you have a rug that is in a guest room that isn’t occupied often and vacuumed regularly, it can be cleaned every 18 months.

Dirty Rugs Collect Allergens

         Nashville and Middle Tennessee in general are known for being “Allergy Capitals” according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. Due to the topography and huge amounts of pollen, Nashvillians suffer from allergies every year. Rugs and carpets hold onto dust, debris, pet hair, and airborne irritants. Due to our allergy issue, it’s very important for routine rug cleanings, especially for the Nashville area.

Along with allergies, respiratory problems are also a concern. Your rugs and carpet are home to dust mites, skin cells, and animal hair. When rugs are walked on, the bacteria goes airborne and can be breathed in resulting in respiratory irritation. If you have a respiratory condition such as asthma, even more, regular professional rug cleaning will make a difference.


         In conclusion, rug manufacturers require that rugs be professionally cleaned annually to maintain a warranty.  Now that you know about the determining factors of soil levels, placements, and health concerns, you can consider this when figuring out when to book your next professional rug cleaning!

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