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How to Remove Pet Urine Odor From Carpet

How to Remove Pet Urine Odor From Carpet

Luckily for Nashville pet owners it’s September and cooler weather is on the way. You’ll notice less pet odor coming from your carpet as the humidity levels drop in the atmosphere.

Pet urine odor causes homeowners thousands of dollars every year – not to mention obnoxious odors that make homeowners and guests cringe whenever passing through a contaminated area. Not only is the carpet stained but the odors that permeate the air remind us of a late night bathroom stop at a truck stop.

Dog urine and pet odors are an issue of the pad and not the carpet. When Fido pops a squat, the urine puddles on the carpet for a moment then is absorbed into the carpet pad as the pad is equivalent to a sponge. The urine eventually evaporates leaving behind concentrated amounts of salt and bacteria in it’s place. If you’ve ever sipped concentrated lemon juice, you probably understand just how potent the dried urine is…and it’s Not From Concentrate!

Back to the carpet pad – The semi-dried urine contains salt that is always thirsty. This is why you typically notice pet odors on the second floor where humidity gathers first. The urine salt absorbs the moisture which then wafts its odors up into the air

Now that you know the basics of pet odor, lets talk about remediation. A quick walk through your local grocer’s pet isle, you’ll notice that most of the shelf bought cleaners cater to the visual stain as opposed to the odors caused by dog urine. If the dog urine and pet odors are coming from the pad, then why treat the surface? Whether it’s a misinformed customer or capitalism at its worst, cleaning the surface does nothing for removing pet urine odors! We recommend you either use special enzymes designed for pet urine removal or to use our professional pet urine removal service that flushes the urine out of your carpet for good.

Please feel free to call us if you attempt this at home. We will guide you through the steps, or you can have us do it – either way, the pet urine odor will not go away on it’s own. And if you decide to wait it out, you might want to grab a snickers because it’s not going anywhere for a long while!  If  you have a couple spots that are not too big, try mixing one or two tablespoons of vinegar per cup of hot water and pour over the urine deposit. Use a wet/dry shop vac to remove the cleaning solution after it sits about 10 minutes. The distilled white vinegar contains acetic acid which breaks down the salt crystals created by the urine bacteria. After thoroughly removing the liquids with a shop vac or cotton towl, use a meat syringe to inject enzymes into the carpet pad where the urine was. You can purchase liquid enzymes engineered for pet odors at most pet stores. If there is any remaining stain, we suggest you call a Nashville carpet cleaning professional for removal. The chemicals involved to remove urine stains are harsh and can cause discomfort if handled incorrectly.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our pet odor and dog urine removal process by Nashville EverClean Carpet Cleaning. You can find us at https://evercleantn.com

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