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Urine Odor Carpet Cleaning

We called this one the bird cage. A tenant in a property managed rental house near Nashville used this room as a literal bird cage. If you zoom in, you can see large bird feathers and the subsequent bird droppings on the carpet. The room took special pet carpet cleaning service include a UV blacklight to locate the bird urine/feces. We injected Ur-Out, a probiotic urine odor eliminator, into the carpet backing followed by All-Spray pre-spray, a nontoxic, soap-free cleaning solution that also included Yell-Out, an oxidizing sanitizer and stain remover.

After thoroughly vacuuming the heavily soiled carpet, we pre-sprayed the cleaning solutions onto this filthy carpet. We then scrubbed the fibers to loosen the dirt in a slurry. We then used hot water to rinse and extract the soils from the carpet leaving them thoroughly clean and like new. If you need a carpet cleaning near me in Nashville, get a quote now or call 615-Dry-Fast (615-379-3278).