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Sanivive – Twice The Clean, Half The Dry Time

Sanivive is the best carpet cleaning method because it leaves your carpet clean, sanitized and dry in two hours without the fear of carpet mold.

Unfortunately, most carpet cleaning companies think they’re doing you a favor by applying extra steam-water. These unscrupulous cleaners are allowing the sponge-like pad below your carpet to absorb that extra water. Your carpet fibers may feel dry soon after, but the pad and subfloor can take weeks, even months to dry out! This can lead to hazardous environment, and worse, you won’t even know it’s there.

Sanivive combines the benefits of steam cleaning and dry carpet cleaning, but without either of their liabilities. Steam cleaning can leave carpet dangerously wet; dry carpet cleaning can leave carpet not clean enough. Our new Sanivive method cleans your fibers twice using hot water extraction and dry-pad absorption. It is the smartest, safest carpet cleaning method available.

Sanivive eliminates the fear of carpet mold associated steam cleaning and DIY rental carpet cleaning machines. Our Sanivive method cleans your carpet fibers responsibly with you and your family’s health in mind.

Sanivive Carpet Cleaning Experts

Sanivive Advantages

  • Excellent Soil Removal
  • Wet & Dry Soil Extraction
  • Oxygen & Alcohol Sanitizers
  • Four Hour Dry Time
  • No Saturated Carpet/Pad/Subfloor
  • No Carpet Mold or Mildew
  • Can Use Carpet in 4 Hours
  • Pet & Family Friendly Solutions
  • Soap-Free, No Carpet Re-soiling
  • Promotes Healthy Indoor Air Quality
  • Up to 70% Less Carbon Emissions

Sanivive Includes

  • Expert service technicians that give you valuable information on how to care for your particular carpet style and fiber composition
  • Detailed vacuuming to remove dust and debris around furniture & crevices
  • Oxygen Sanitizer: 12% hydrogen peroxide as an added cleaner, stain remover, sanitizer, deodorizer and natural brightener
  • Alcohol Sanitizer: Fast-drying isopropyl alcohol as an added cleaner, stain remover, sanitizer & deodorizer
  • Carpet Stain Removal: Most carpet stain removal is free. No awkward nickel-and-diming
  • Soap-Free Cleaning Solutions: Pet friendly and your carpet stays cleaner, longer
  • Door-Guards to keep bugs out and conditioned air in
  • Corner-Guards to protect your walls & paint
  • Floor Mats to eliminate slipping and protect your floors
sanvive carpet cleaning method

Additional Options

  • Deep Clean: This option includes either additional hot water for added soils extraction and/or additional machine agitation for heavy soil removal. Note: May extend dry time.
  • Fiber Sealant: Add fiber sealant as type of raincoat to protect your fibers from future stains for up to 18 to 24 months.

Who Should Choose Sanivive Carpet Cleaning

  • Residential/Commercial carpet cleaning of any occasion
  • Houses or buildings with mold or moisture concerns
  • Residential carpet cleaning requiring thorough cleaning with fast dry time
  • For carpet that has taken longer than two days to dry from past cleanings
  • For carpet containing pet urine where the customer does not wish to treat the pad

Sanivive Disadvantages

  • Slightly longer service time
  • Not recommended to walk on carpet until completely dry
  • Moderate, increased price

Why Choose Sanivive Carpet Cleaning

Steam carpet cleaning’s strength can be its weakness. Wetting the carpet fibers with high pressured water can leave carpet thoroughly clean. However, it can also allow water to pass through the primary backing and into the carpet pad and subfloor below. Because carpet pad is made from the same sponge material we wash our cars with, the pad can stay wet for days, even months while the carpet fibers feel dry. This can cause carpet mold and hazardous indoor environment.

Dry carpet cleaning’s weakness is its strength. Because the carpet is dry in only two hours, that means some soils remain. Post vacuuming does remove many of these soils, but without actual water extraction, it is not as thorough of a method.

Sanivive offers the benefits of steam cleaning and dry carpet cleaning without their liabilities. Similar to steam cleaning, Sanivive extracts soils by wet-vacuuming the carpet. After we hot water extract your fibers, we scrub the moist carpet with dry pads for additional soil and moisture removal. Once your carpet is completely dry, if any soils remain, they’re encapsulated in our natural salt-based cleaning solution. The encapsulated soils becomes a harmless white powder that is dry extracted out of your carpet when you vacuum. Sanivive cleans your carpet three ways for safe, ultra clean results without the fear of carpet mold.

DIY Home Rental Carpet Cleaning Machines

We experience at least a few calls each month from people complaining about mold and mildew odors after they’ve cleaned their carpet using a home or rental carpet cleaning machine. Unfortunately many people go overboard with how much water should be applied, which leaves their carpet soaked for days if not weeks. We unfortunately cannot help them at that point and have to refer them to a water damage restoration company, mold remediation specialist, or a carpet store.

Best-Worst Way to Clean Carpet

cost savings of getting carpets cleaned

People ask me quite often that they want the best carpet cleaning possible, but they change their mind after I explain what that would entail. How we clean area rugs at our facility is the best way to clean any textile: Soak it with water, lather it with plenty of soap, thoroughly scrub it, and rinse it out with plenty of water. Then vacuum the excess water out and hang it to dry with speed-dry fans. This is the best way to clean carpet, but nearly impossible as it’s installed in your home.

Cleaning carpet how we clean rugs would leave it incredibly clean, but full of mold in just a few days. Installed carpet sits on top of a carpet pad constructed by recycled mattresses from the hotel industry. Yes, that multicolored pad is made from recycled beds, shoes and furniture. Once wet, carpet pad can take weeks, even months to dry out, and that’s without mentioning the wood or concrete subfloor that can hold water for over a year!

While we are not mold experts, we do know that mold favors organic material in a dark area that has been moist for greater than 24 hours. Simply put, steam carpet cleaning is a fantastic way to clean carpet; however, if done unprofessionally, it can lead to detrimental health hazards in a home.

How Sanivive Carpet Cleaning Works

bonnet and carpet cleaning wand

Hot water is one of the best cleaning agents, and the hotter the better. While we don’t use extremely hot water, we use water hot enough to allow the excited water molecules to loosen the soils attached to your fibers. We also charge the water with a completely nontoxic, soap-free cleaning agent that removes soils, oils and grime on the molecular level.

Once our cleaning solution has loosened the soils from your carpet fibers, we extract it back out with a powerful vacuum system that not only removes the soils but most of the water as well. At this point your carpet is still moist. We then scrub your carpet fibers clean with dry absorbent pads that collect additional soils and moisture.

By the time we’re done with the Sanivive process, your carpet is only an hour or two away from being completely dry. Our Sanivive process cleans your carpet both wet and dry with up to 70% less water than steam carpet cleaning! This ensures your carpet is not only clean, but that your pad stays dry and free from carpet mold.

5 Benefits of Sanivive Carpet Cleaning

Sanivive offers the best carpet cleaning results because it eliminates carpet mold while delivering thorough results, faster dry times, cleaner air, and a cleaner community. Using electric truck mounted units, we no longer have to burn enormous amounts of gasoline when cleaning carpet. Read through the top five benefits of choosing Sanivive Carpet Cleaning for your Nashville carpet.

  1. Thorough Results: Sanivive cleans your carpet twice, both wet and dry. We first apply hot water charged with a safe, molecular cleaner before vacuuming it out with our powerful, truck-mounted system. While the carpet is moist, we scrub your carpet fibers clean using dry, absorbent pads that collects moisture and any remaining soils. You can also add our natural oxidizing sanitizer for brilliant, high definition results.
  2. No Carpet Mold: Sanivive eliminates the possibility of carpet mold, which steam carpet cleaning often creates! Sanivive uses up to 70% less water than steam cleaning, keeping the pad beneath your carpet dry and mold-free. Sanivive cleans your carpet twice, both wet and dry, for thorough, clean results without the danger of mold growth under your carpet.
  3. Fast Dry Time: With the wet soil extraction and dry pad absorption, your carpet goes through a series of cleaning cycles that leaves your carpet thoroughly clean and nearly dry when we leave. Your carpet is dry within an hour or two after our Sanivive carpet cleaning! No more walking on towels or in plastic bags. You can stretch out on your freshly cleaned carpet just hours after our Sanivive service!
  4. Cleaner Air: Sanivive is powered by inverter generators and electric motors that produce a fraction of the emissions compared to standard truck-mounted vans. So many local Nashville carpet cleaners depend on eight-cylinder engines that burn several gallons of fuel just to clean a house of carpet! We take pride in knowing that we’re part of solution by keeping not only your carpet clean and mold-free, but the air in your neighborhood much cleaner with greatly reduced emissions.
  5. Forward Thinking: We estimate that Sanivive delivers at least 70% less carbon emissions that traditional truck-mounted vans. We use the Ford Transit Connect at 28 MPG with a 4500 watt inverter generator that delivers the same vacuum power at a fraction of the emissions created by heavy, direct-drive truck-mounted vans. Burning gallons of fuel to clean carpet is no longer necessary – we can do better.

Sanivive takes the worry out of keeping not only your carpet clean and mold-free, but less emissions in your neighborhood. Sanivive uses All-Spray carpet pre-spray, a nontoxic, soap-free detergent that is free from solvents, VOC’s, sticky soap residue, fragrance and dye-free. Plus, All-Spray is also completely pet safe. When you need your carpet cleaned, choose Sanivive Carpet Cleaning Service.