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Swapping Grime for Slime on Hardwood Floors

We see loads of it every week, cleaning sludge on hardwood floors. What’s cleaning sludge? It’s an alcohol-based ethoxylated surfactant (dish soap) that most in the industry believe magically evaporates after cleaning, but it doesn’t.

Most hardwood floor cleaners have it, and it does a great job loosening soils. However, if not properly rinsed, it leaves a thin film of residue behind that not only attracts soils, but accumulates with each cleaning.

The Solution to Pollution is Dilution: Surfactant-based cleaners must be thoroughly rinsed from the surface or it will continue to attract soils leaving you to wonder why…Why…WHY?! And using more water isn’t always the answer. Nowadays, a handful of hardwood floors cannot take volumes of water or they’re damaged permanently as their inner core is fiberboard. 

EverClean also uses hardwood cleaners to clean your hardwood floors, but we have special machines that clean-water rinse the detergent away while simultaneously squeegeeing it dry. Our hardwood floor cleaning service restores your floor’s luster leaving it squeaky-clean and ready to adore again.