Carpet Cleaning Machine Rental Near Me South Bend

Here are a few tips when considering cleaning your South Bend Indiana carpet with a rental carpet cleaning machine. You want to thoroughly pre-vacuum your carpet prior to cleaning to remove as much dry particles as possible. Adding water to dry soils makes mud, so remove as much dry particles before you clean your South Bend, Granger Indiana or Mishawaka carpet with a rental machine.

Once you’ve thoroughly vacuumed your carpet, I recommend applying detergent directly to your carpet instead of using the reservoir in the rental carpet cleaning machine. You’ll want to use a gallon pump up sprayer and mix the carpet cleaning detergent accordingly. Note: Using more than the recommended amount of detergent doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have cleaner carpet. Too much detergent can lead to your carpet getting dirtier faster. The reason is that the surfactant within the carpet detergent, if not significantly removed, can cause rapid resoiling. Now, after you have applied the cleaner to the carpet pile, you’ll want to wait a minimum of 15 minutes before extracting it out with your South Bend carpet cleaning rental machine. This ensures that the detergent has sufficient time to loosen the soils prior to extraction. Note: It is best to agitate the carpet with a clean shop broom to further help the soils to loosen from the carpet pile. Also note: Do not allow the carpet cleaning detergent to dry on the carpet pile; extract it after 15 minutes of applying.

After you have applied the detergent and agitated your carpet, I recommend using the Mishawaka rug doctor or any quality rental carpet cleaning machine to extract the detergent from your carpet. We prefer the Bissell Big Green carpet cleaning rental machine when cleaning high rises or hard-to-get-to carpeted areas. For softer carpet, add one ounce (two tablespoons) of distilled vinegar per one gallon of hot water to the carpet rental machine’s reservoir tank (where you would usually add the water and detergent) then start extracting. Note: For faster dry times, I recommend four dry passes to one wet pass, e.g., push away dry, pull back wet (which is also a dry stroke), push away dry then back dry. This allows for more moisture removal. See how to dry your carpet fast in another post.

I hope this post helps those in the Greater South Bend area and abroad when looking to clean their carpet with a rental carpet cleaning machine. You must be wondering why I would be giving away such helpful advice considering we are a professional carpet cleaning company in South Bend Indiana. The reason is that our machines are very powerful and a local rental carpet cleaning machine near me cannot compare to the results we deliver. Plus, most of our carpet cleaning customers are not DIY’ers. Don’t get me wrong, rental carpet cleaning machines are great for pinch hitting, but for deep carpet cleaning and heavy soil removal, our truckmounted equipment is your best option.

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