Carpet Stain Removal Guide

DIY Carpet Stain Removal Guide

If you’re having problems removing carpet stains in your home, try some of the carpet stain removal techniques below. If they do not work, I recommend calling a professional carpet cleaning company who can use stronger cleaners to help you remove stubborn carpet stains. As a disclaimer: Always check for colorfastness prior to using any of the chemicals below. Also also wear proper protective wear when handling harsh chemicals.

Which carpet cleaning method works best?

How do I remove pet urine stains from carpet?

How do I remove pet urine odors from carpet?

How do you get make up stains out of carpet?

How do you get dried paint out of carpet?

How do I get wine stains out of carpet?

How do you get tea stains out of carpet?

How do you get coffee stains out of carpet?

How do I get stains out of my carpet?

What is the best carpet to buy?

Carpet stain that keeps coming back


Which carpet cleaning method works best? Most carpet manufacturers recommend Hot Water Extraction as the method of choice both to receive the most thorough cleaning possible as well as maintain your carpet warranty. Hot Water Extraction, also known as steam carpet cleaning, shoots extremely hot water into the carpet pile while simultaneously extracting it out with a carpet cleaning wand. The wand extracts the soiled water out of the carpet leaving it cleaned and conditioned.

How do I remove pet urine stains from carpet? Clean the area with a mild detergent to remove as much pet urine salt as possible. Then spritz the area with hydrogen peroxide found at most drug stores. Cover the area with clear plastic or saran wrap and leave it for a day. The plastic allows the peroxide to increase in strength. The peroxide oxidizes the uric salt stains eventually hiding the stain from eye. Note: You may need to apply this several times over a few days to lighten it up. EverClean Carpet Cleaning uses a higher percentage of hydrogen peroxide to oxidize pet urine stains the first time.

How do I remove pet urine odors from carpet? Carpet is only a mesh fabric; therefore, pet urine goes through the carpet and pools in the pad and sometimes in the wood or concrete sub-floor beneath. Removing pet urine from your carpet involves two methods: Flush Extraction or Enzymes. The flush extraction method simply requires you to re-wet the carpet and pad with warm to hot water at the urine spot then place a thick towel over the urine stain, then stand on it to absorb it up into the towel. It is best to have a professional carpet cleaner perform this to avoid damage to your floor or ceiling beneath. You may also use a wet/dry shop vac to remove the spend liquid. Place a fan on the area to dry completely.

Enzymes: Simply re-wed the problem area with enough enzymes to saturate the pad beneath. Wearing shoes, step on the enzyme you placed on the carpet to disperse it into the carpet pad. Leave the enzyme there permanently and clean the carpet then or allow it to completely dry then clean the carpet. The enzymes break down the odor causing bacteria, which usually takes two weeks to complete the digestion.

How do you get make up stains out of carpet? Most make up is oil-based: lipstick, mascara, etc. You can remove most make up stains from carpet using rubbing alcohol or household ammonia. Spritz the alcohol onto the make up stain and work it in working from the outside of the stain in so it doesn’t spread. After waiting a few minutes, apply a dry cotton rag to absorb the make up stain into the cotton rag. Repeat if necessary. Allow to air dry.

How do you get dried paint out of carpet? There are two types of paint, latex (water-based) and oil-based paint. Typically latex paint is more earth tones whereas oil-based are vibrant in color. Removing latex paint is much easier when it is wet, so if you just spilled it on your carpet, cover the paint spill with plastic to keep it wet. When you’re ready to remove, simply apply detergent and keep extracting it out until fully removed. Latex paint can be near impossible to remove when dried, but if you attempt, you may want to try Motsenbocker’s LIFT OFF, which can be purchased at the Home Depot. Most carpet cleaners can move the dried paint stain into your closet if removal is not successful. Oil-based paints are much easier to remove either wet or dry. Simply apply paint thinner to the oil-based paint stain, agitate it in being sure not to spread it, then extract with dry cotton rag. Repeat until it gone. You may wish to clean the area with detergent after words to remove any remaining paint thinner. Note: This is recommended for synthetic carpet fibers only. Always check for colorfastness first.

How do I get wine stains out of carpet? Wine stains whether wet or dry can be removed from most fabrics with a couple household cleaners. When attempting to remove a wine stain, remove as much of the wine from the fabric as possible using a dry cotton rag or with a mild detergent using a wet/dry shop vac. After cleaning the affected area, make a solution of 1 part household ammonia with 2 parts 3% hydrogen peroxide. Use this solution within 15 minutes of making. Spritz the wine stain with the solution then cover it with plastic to intensify the chemical reaction. You may need to apply this solution several times to make the wine stain disappear. It is best to call EverClean Carpet Cleaning to remove this stain as our chemicals are much more potent and work faster. Note: Always check for colorfastness prior to applying; always where protective wear when working with harsh chemicals.

How do you get tea stains out of carpet? Both tea and coffee contain tannins that can stain most fibers. Remove as much of the coffee or tea using a dry cotton rag or detergent solution. Once most is removed, make a solution of 1 part household ammonia with 2 parts 3% hydrogen peroxide then apply to the stained area. Cover the stain with a piece of plastic to allow the chemicals to work longer. Allow up to eight hours then reapply if necessary. After the coffee or tea stain is gone, clean the area with a mild detergent to remove any remaining residue. Note: Always check for colorfastness and use appropriate protective wear when using harsh chemicals.

How do I get stains our of my carpet? Most carpet fibers are made from synthetic material that is naturally stain resistant. However, if you have problems removing carpet stains try using this inexpensive carpet stain remover made from household cleaners. Add 1 part household ammonia, preferably non-sudsing, with 1 part rubbing alcohol. This powerful stain remover can be saved and used many times whenever necessary. Using non-sudsing ammonia leaves no residue so re-soiling is not a problem down the road. This powerful carpet stain remover removes most household carpet stains. Simply apply to the carpet stain, allow a few minutes to allow the chemical to work, agitate with the area with a plastic disposable fork or spoon, then extract the carpet stain into a cotton rag or using a mild detergent with a wet/dry shop vac. Note: Always use protective wear prior to handling harsh chemicals. Always check for colorfastness prior to use.

What is the best carpet to buy? As a carpet salesman years ago, I sold a lot of polyester carpet because, we were told, you cannot stain it with most organic stains such as Kool Aid or mustard. This is very true, however, because polyester is oil-based, polyester carpet fibers absorb any oil-based substance such as oil from our skin, pet dander, cooking oils, and the worst: oil-based shoe soles! Polyester also lays down (pile crush) in carpet traffic lanes almost immediately after installation. The benefits of polyester include vibrant colors as well as it being solution dyed (coloring goes throughout the fibers). Now for what I personally recommend: Nylon carpet, better yet, continuous filament nylon carpet. I have seen well maintained nylon carpet last twenty plus years. I’ve also seen highly abused, builder grade nylon clean up as if it were almost new looking. Hands down, I highly recommend continuous filament nylon. Continuous filament is simply each strand of each yarn comes out of the carpet backing much like the hair on our head. As compared to staple fibers (think a shedding wool sweater) continuous filament carpet fibers greatly out wear staple fibers.

Carpet stain that keeps coming back. Carpet is only a mesh or a net. Liquids pass through the carpet, carpet backing and pool in the padding beneath. The reason the stain keeps returning is likely because you have polyester carpet fibers. Under a microscope, polyester fibers are super smooth non-porous fibers, think a drinking straw. The stain you’re having problems with is likely on the back of the carpet backing as well as in the pad. After spot cleaning the stain, you’re likely re-wetting the backing and as it dries it pulls the stain back to the very tips of the carpet fiber. The water evaporates to the atmosphere, but your stain particles remain on the carpet fibers causing re-staining. In the carpet cleaning industry we call this wicking. To stop the wicking cycle, after your carpet is completely dry, spritz on the solution mentioned in “How do I get stains out of my carpet,” clean the area as mentioned in the earlier post then put a fan on the freshly cleaned area immediately. The fan will dry the clean carpet thereby eliminating any chance of wicking.