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Steam Carpet Cleaning Service

steam carpet cleaning nashville tn

EverClean Nashville offers professional Steam Carpet Cleaning services in Nashville TN. Steam Cleaning is a method that injects hot water into your carpet while simultaneously extracting it back out with the soils. Our steam carpet cleaning service offers quality results at an affordable price. Plus, you can customize the service for carpet stains removal, pet urine removal and deep carpet cleaning for tailored results.

Steam Carpet Cleaning Experts


  • Excellent Soil Removal
  • Competitive Rates
  • Faster Service Time
  • Pet/Family Safe Detergent
  • Soap-Free, Non-Resoiling Detergent

Steam Carpet Cleaning Includes

  • Expert service technician that gives you valuable tips & tricks on how to care for your particular carpet style and fiber composition.
  • Vacuuming: Including detailed vacuuming to remove dust and debris at your baseboards
  • Carpet Stain Removal: Most stains are absolutely FREE! No awkward nickel-and-diming!
  • Soap-Free Detergent: Pet friendly and your carpet stays cleaner, longer
  • Door-Guards to keep bugs out and conditioned air in
  • Corner-Guards to protect your walls & paint
  • Floor Mats to eliminate slipping and protect your floors
steam carpet cleaning services nashville tn

Additional Options

  • Natural Sanitizer: Add 12% hydrogen peroxide as a natural cleaner, sanitizer, deodorizer and brightener. Our natural sanitizer eliminates topical pet stains & odors including urine, feces, vomit and blood. Carpet stain removal includes organic stains including coffee & tea while naturally brightening your carpet for a high definition look.
  • Natural Deodorizer: Add 100% natural essential orange solvent that cleans, deodorizes and smells amazing! Our natural deodorizer is a terpene from the rind of an orange peel that destroys oil-based stains and odors like that stinky wet dog smell!
  • Deep-Scrub: Add our machine agitation to deep-scrub your carpet fibers so they are ultra clean.
  • StainGuard: Add stain protector to protect your carpet from future stains.

Who Should Choose Steam Carpet Cleaning

  • Residential carpet cleaning of any occasion
  • Commercial, annual carpet cleaning
  • Pet odor removal including pet dander, pet urine, feces and vomit
  • Carpet stain removal


  • Longer Dry Time (8-24 hours)
  • Good Ventilation Required
  • Can Restart Urine Odors (if untreated)

Steam Carpet Cleaning Information

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Steam carpet cleaning is actually a misnomer. Steam is not used in the process, which is why it’s officially called Hot Water Extraction. The reason it is called steam cleaning because the hot, pressurized water appears like steam as it’s forced through tiny jets. This hot mist water looks identical to puffs of steam, which is why it is associated with steam.

Hot Water Extraction involves the process of applying a carpet pre-spray detergent, and extracting it back out with hot water and vacuum suction. Similar to washing your hands, you would first apply a soap, which is like applying pre-spray. The soap loosens the soils from your hands similarly as the pre-spray loosens soils from the carpet.

Once the soils are loosened, you would rinse the soap off of your hands under a faucet, usually with hot water. The wand that carpet cleaning services use is equipped with the water jets and a vacuum blade. You can think of the jets as the faucet that supplies hot water, and the vacuum blade as the drain of sink, which removes the rinse water similar to a sink.

How Steam Carpet Cleaning Works

During the professional carpet cleaning process, the technician will drag the wand over the carpet fibers while shooting the hot mist water into the carpet pile. This is known as a wet stroke. This stroke quickly saturates the fibers and suspended soils just prior to the dry stroke. The technician then drags the wand back over the wet fibers to extract the rinse water and suspended soils with the wands vacuum.

EverClean carpet cleaning near Nashville

One of the greatest cleaning agents on Earth is hot water. Hot water excites water molecules to the point that it acts like a solvent. This allows water to cut through grease and grime more easily. Hot Water Extraction uses water temperatures between 150 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit to improve both the carpet cleaning results and to quicken drying process.

Hot water evaporates much faster than if it were at room temperature. This allows the carpet fibers to dry much faster if the water is hot, and the hotter the better. The hotter the water is, the greater its potential to remove soils, dust and allergens as well as airborne cooking oils, pet dander and human sebum, the oil from our skin. Plus, the hot water allows the carpet to evaporate (dry) much faster.

Hot Water Extraction is great way to clean carpet because it delivers thorough results. The water that flash-floods your fibers creates a less porous surface allowing increased vacuum pressure. The suction created during the professional carpet cleaning allows for maximum soil and rinse water removal as the wand passes over the carpet fibers.

Steam Carpet Cleaning Problems

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The solution to pollution is dilution. This is true in most cases unless you’re cleaning carpet in an indoor environment. Because carpet sits on top of a thick foam pad, applying too much water can create pad saturation, which may cause mold growth under your carpet.

The greatest disadvantage of Hot Water Extraction is the possibility of carpet mold, mildew or bacterial growth. The pad beneath the carpet is made from the same material of a foam sponge you would wash your car with. The purpose of carpet pad to act as a shock absorber to your carpet allowing your carpet to wear longer and feel more comfortable. However, if too much water is applied, that pad can take days, weeks, or even months to dry out. This can ultimately lead to carpet mold if too much water is applied.

It is too common that we get a call from a frustrated homeowner who either cleaned their carpet incorrectly, or chose a carpet cleaning service that overwetted the carpet. After a few days of wet carpet, the home begins to smell musty and the concern of carpet mold sets it.

DIY Steam Carpet Cleaning

With the availability of portable carpet cleaning machines, both for rent or sale, we see a lot of damaged carpet caused by overzealous do-it-yourself carpet cleaning. And for good reason, cleaning carpet is fun! There’s something therapeutic with watching dirt come out of carpet.

Many people believe that the slower they pull the carpet cleaning machine, the more dirt they extract. And they’re correct; however, they’re likely not realizing that they’re soaking the carpet pad, which can ultimately leads to carpet mold, mildew and bacterial growth.

Unprofessional Steam Carpet Cleaning Companies

We can’t help to ask customers who call in asking if we have any specials if they’d like a two-liter of Coca-Cola with their order. They say, “wait…who am I calling?” While we’re only kidding, it’s telling that with many, price determines value. This is also why carpet cleaning companies list their prices on their ads, and why they’re very attractively low.

carpet cleaning living room

The barrier to entry in the carpet cleaning industry is very low. Anyone can buy a portable carpet cleaning machine and start advertising their services. But it’s not only these bottom-priced companies that may be over wetting peoples’ carpet. Many carpet cleaning companies that have great reputations are also possibly applying too much water.

A quick search for “steam carpet cleaning” on YouTube will result in videos of carpet cleaners unknowingly saturating their customers carpet pad. When you see a carpet cleaner dragging his wand very slow, unless his water pressure is very low, he is very likely allowing water to pass through the carpet backing and into the absorbent pad below.

Moreover, there are several videos on YouTube showing carpet cleaners telling other cleaners that using water pressure as high as 800 to 1000 pounds per square inch (PSI) does a much better job. The industry standard is around 350 PSI, so these unscrupulous carpet cleaners are undoubtedly soaking the carpet pad and, thus, inviting carpet mold growth.

Mold From Steam Carpet Cleaning

mold on subfloor under carpet

Disclaimer: We are not mold experts. However, it is common knowledge that certain molds can start to grow within 24 hours in a wet, dark environment that contains organic material. Beneath your carpet is the perfect environment for mold growth if the carpet pad and/or wood or concrete subfloor are wet longer than 24 hours.

While carpet backing is typically made from synthetic material, the latex glue is an organic food source for mold. There are several viable food sources for mold growth beneath your carpet including organic fibers, wood subfloor, and dust or allergens on a concrete subfloor.

Mold within a home can be a health hazard, and choosing an unethical carpet cleaning company can result in carpet mold. While we believe our Steam Carpet Cleaning Service is safe option for cleaning carpet, we recommend our Sanivive Carpet Cleaning, which includes the benefits of both Hot Water Extraction with up to 70% less water than traditionally steam carpet cleaning.