Hardwood Cleaning Nashville

Hardwood Cleaning Nashville by EverClean offers expert wood floor cleaning to the Greater Nashville TN area. Unlike mopping a floor, our hardwood cleaning service uses clean water extraction to remove the soils from your floor. While many believe a mop and bucket is all you need, this actually exchanges dirt for sticky, soap residue that only resoils faster. Our hardwood cleaning service actually removes the grime from your hardwood floor leaving a clean, sticky-free finish. You will love how clean your wood floors look and feel!

Hardwood Cleaning Nashville Includes

  • Expert Hardwood Floor Cleaning
  • Deep, Gentle Surface Scrubbing
  • Clean-Water Micro-Flush Extraction
  • Hardwood Floor Polish (extra)
  • Instantly Dry Hardwood Floors
  • Thorough, Squeaky-Clean Results

Additional Hardwood Cleaning Features

  • Expert Cleaning Technicians
  • Professional-Grade Detergents
  • Door Covers to Keep Air in, Bugs Out
  • Non-slip Floor Mats
  • Corner-guards to Protect Your Walls

Hardwood Cleaning Nashville Packages

Light Hardwood Cleaning: Includes the application of mild hardwood floor cleaner and brush extraction. This service is for light to moderate soils.

Standard Hardwood Cleaning: Includes intensive hardwood floor cleaner, brush agitation and clean water extraction. This service is for moderate soils.

Deep Hardwood Cleaning: Includes intensive hardwood floor cleaner, oscillating floor machine agitation, and clean water extraction. This service is for heavy soil removal.

Wax Removal: If your hardwood floors appear uneven, too shiny, and maybe peeling a filmy residue, you may have acrylic wax build up. We remove acrylic wax at a rate of $149 per hour.

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Hardwood Cleaning Nashville Process

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EverClean offers professional hardwood floor cleaning and dustless hardwood refinishing to the Nashville, TN area. Did you know that mopping or swiffering hardwood floors exchanges the soils for sticky soap residue? This allows the soils to stick faster causing rapid re-soiling. Airborne cooking oils are also a problem with gumming up hardwood floors.

Our hardwood floor cleaning includes special cleaners, gentle scrubbers and a wet-squeegee extraction system that leaves your wood floors clean and dry! We don’t stop there! Our final step involves applying a neutralizing cleaner and conditioner to ensure your wood floor is ultra clean!

After you’re amazed of how clean your wood floor is, you may choose to have us apply our satin urethane finish to seal and protect your hardwood floor for lasting beauty.

Hardwood “Shine” Cleaners

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We inspect each floor to find if acrylic wax finish present. If acrylic wax is on your wood floor, we offer a deep wax removal service that removes wax buildup from store-bought “shine” cleaners. Most people do not know that a majority of store bought hardwood floor cleaners contain acrylic wax finish, which can build up with every cleaning. Repeated cleanings can eventually leading to wax build up making the floor look globby and uneven. While acrylic wax removal is not an easy job, it is well worth the investment into the preservation of your Nashville hardwood floors. If you believe your floors have acrylic wax build up, call now to set up a free consultation.

Hardwood Cleaning Nashville Polishing

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After having us clean your hardwood floors, the original finish may contain tiny scratches from normal wear known as abrading or graying. When light hits these tiny scratches, they refract light making the finish appear dull and gray even though the wood floor is clean. Applying our special floor polish can help hide those micro-scratches temporarily between cleanings so your wood floor’s finish appears consistent.

Our hardwood polish application gives your wood floor a new, consistent appearance. Our wood polish lasts about twelve months of normal wear. Call us now to set up an appointment to have our expert hardwood technician inspect your floor for a free service quote. You will absolutely love how well your hardwood floors look after we clean and apply our hardwood floor polish!

The Hardwood Make Matters

Each EverClean Hardwood Cleaning Service comes with an evaluation to find out how your Nashville hardwood floor is made. We see a lot of acrylic wax and polish applied to hardwood floors that eventually much be removed. Acrylic polish lasts only 4 to 6 months before its soft surface is scratched or marred to the point where the homeowner will either reapply more or have it professional removed. We unfortunately see a lot of acrylic wax and removing it s a messy, tedious job.

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In the picture below, notice the first two hardwood floors, Tongue & Groove and Engineered Laminate Hardwood, are composed of all hardwood, which means we can remove acrylic wax and polish from these floors because they are able to withstand the moisture content necessary for wax removal. However, the third floor Engineered Fiber Core Hardwood cannot because the solid core inside is made of fiberboard, a manmade wood composite that swells when introduced to moisture.

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Please know that EverClean technicians make every attempt possible, without damaging the integrity of your wood floor’s surface, to determine if your Nashville hardwood floor contains particle board or composite fiber board. We do this by checking floor vents or transitions to other floors. We cannot guarantee the complete composition of each hardwood floor and therefore are not responsible for damage during wax/polish removal if we cannot confidently determine the composition of your hardwood floor. We do however typically declined acrylic wax removal if we suspect your hardwood floor contains fiberboard. In this case, we will recommend you call a Nashville hardwood refinishing service.