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is it worth getting my carpet professionally cleaned?

Is It Worth Getting Carpets Professionally Cleaned?

Many ask if it is worth getting carpets cleaned professionally. It seems easy enough to wash carpet yourself, but there are a few problems that can arise from DIY carpet cleaning. The two biggest problems we see are fibers that re-soil faster from applying too much detergent, and carpet that smells of mold and mildew from oversaturated carpet. Home carpet cleaners can lead to dirtier carpet and an unhealthy home.

Yes – it is worth getting carpets cleaned professionally so your carpet becomes cleaner, dries faster, lasts longer without mold or mildew problems. While home carpet cleaning may seem easy, consider washing a sponge that you cannot wring out. Successful carpet cleaning requires a specific amount of detergent, time, water and vacuum. If any of these are wrong, costly problems occur.

The value in having your carpets professionally cleaned is that the service provider can remove the airborne cooking oils and oils from our skin that allows dirt to stick to the fibers. Vacuum cleaners and home cleaning machines either cannot remove these oils or can leave much of it behind. Expert floor cleaning services leave your fibers much cleaner and safer than home portable carpet cleaning machines.

The Benefits of Getting Carpets Cleaned Professionally

The value of getting my carpet cleaned

We wash our socks and dirty clothes, but many forget that having carpets cleaned regularly is just as important. Carpet is costly and maintaining it professionally pays more dividends than not. Having your fibers cleaned regularly improves its appearance, longevity, comfort, your health and your wallet.

It Is Worth Getting Carpets Professionally Cleaned to Improve Indoor Air Quality

It is worth getting your carpet cleaned for you and your families health. Carpet is the largest filter in your home. It doesn’t just collect dirt, but also dust, allergens and bacteria. Having your carpet cleaned professionally can remove these allergens making the air in your home healthier to breathe. Learn more about carpet allergens.

Bacteria from pet urine and organic spills are found deep within the fibers. Expert cleaning can reach also reach deep down into these fibers for thorough removal. The result in a healthier, cleaner home.

It Is Worth Getting Carpets Cleaned Professionally to Maintain Appearance

One of the main reasons it is worth getting carpets professionally cleaned is to maintain appearance. Carpet that hasn’t been cleaned in a while starts to look dirty. It’s also easily overlooked as dirt accumulates slowly. Having it cleaned on a set schedule eliminates soil accumulation while maintaining your home’s presentation.

A popular alternative to having your rugs professionally cleaned is DIY carpet cleaners. Many homeowners search for the best carpet cleaner to save on cost, but this can make your fibers dirtier, faster. Many believe that the more detergent they use, the cleaner the carpet. This unfortunately leads to sticky soap residue that makes the fibers re-soil faster.

Many also believe that the more water they apply, the cleaner the fibers. While this is accurate, many home cleaning machines are not powerful enough to vacuum out a majority of the water. This leaves the fibers wet for days causing the potential for carpet mold, a smelly home and the potential of breathing mold spores.

It Is Worth Getting Carpets Professionally Cleaned So They Last Longer

It is also worth having your carpets expertly cleaned so they last longer. A grain of sand under a microscope reveals sharp, jagged edges. These shards can easily cut into a fiber causing premature wear. Vacuuming your floor regularly reduces these soils, but the accumulation of soap and oils from everyday living requires expert cleaning.

Having your carpets maintained on a routine schedule removes these damaging soils. Qualified carpet cleaning companies are able to strip the soap and oil residue from your fibers they cannot cause premature wear. It is best to choose a cleaning company that uses soap-free cleaning solutions as well.

Carpet cleaning companies that use soap-based detergents will leave a soap-residue on your fibers. Similar to DIY floor cleaning, these providers can cause your fibers to get dirtier faster from sticky soap residue. It is best to choose a company that offers soap-free cleaning solutions so your fibers stay cleaner for longer.

It Is Worth Getting Carpets Cleaned Professionally to Save Money

cost savings of getting carpets cleaned

Having your carpets cleaned professionally can range anywhere from $150 to $250 for each cleaning. Carpet manufacturers recommend having your them cleaned every 18 months. Using the average of $200 per cleaning at every 18 months, we come to total cost of $2000 over a 15 year period.

The average cost to replace five rooms of carpet, or 1,200 square feet, is estimated at $8,500, or $7 per square foot. Carpets that are not cleaned regularly might last three to seven years. That said, replacing carpets every five years can cost a homeowner as much as $25,500. When compared to the original cost of $8,500, plus the $2,000 cleaning over 15 years, the homeowner can save as much as $15,000.


Cleaning anything seems like an easy task. Carpet however is unique in that it can hold dirt, soap and water in a ways many people do not realize. Having your carpet cleaned professionally eliminates the problems of soap residue, saturated fibers and carpet mold. Further, the pad and wood subfloor beneath the carpet can hold water for as long as a year!

While there are many Nashville carpet cleaning companies to choose from, finding the professionals is the key. When searching, look for certifications, online reviews, references, and time in business. You can read EverClean Nashville recent reviews here.

EverClean Nashville offers carpet cleaning in Nashville TN that makes your floor cleaning needs easy, safe and enjoyable. You can contact us at 100 Powell Place #1492 Nashville, TN 37204, by appointment only. We hope you have gained insight to the commonly asked question if it is worth getting your carpets cleaned professionally.