Carpet Allergies

woman sneeze carpet allergies Nashville

As middle Tennesseans, many of us experience year-long allergies. Because of this many consider replacing their carpet with hardwood or tile. But on the contrary, Triangle Research Institute (RTI) suggests that hard surfaced floors actually increase indoor allergies.

Allergen Case Study

A 2002 study by RTI and University of North Carolina found that hard surface floors exposed students to higher levels of airborne allergens as compared to carpeted surfaces. Similar to your HVAC air filter, carpet traps significant amounts of airborne dust, pollen and mold spores. Having your carpet steam cleaned regularly removes the accumulated soils and allergens.

Eliminating Carpet Allergens

Shaw Industries, a North American carpet manufacturer, recommends hot water extraction (steam carpet cleaning) as an effective way at removing soils from your carpet. Steam carpet cleaning works by shooting extremely hot water into your carpet pile while simultaneously removing the moisture, dirt and allergens with powerful vacuums.

Routine Carpet Cleaning

Because of Nashville’s allergy concern, it is not a good idea to have your carpet cleaned on a scheduled basis. While most heat & air conditioning filters last 1 to 3 months, just think of how much dust and soil accumulates in your carpet in just a year of two. Having your carpets steam cleaned significantly improves your Indoor Air Quality as well as the longevity of your carpet.