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Carpet and Indoor Allergies

Is Hardwood Better for Indoor Allergies?

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Carpet appears to take the blame for indoor allergies as Middle Tennessee’s topography creates a dust bowl. Because of this, many Nashville residence consider replacing their carpet with hardwood floors. However, hard surface floors can actually increase exposure to indoor allergens.

Similar to the filter of your home’s heat and air conditioning system, carpet fibers trap a significant amount of airborne allergens. And while regular vacuuming can help remove these particles, airborne cooking oils, and oils from our skin and pets can actually allow these allergens to stick around much longer.

Having your carpet cleaned on a regular basis not only removes many of these allergens, but the oil, or glue, that can trap them within your carpet. Our carpet cleaning process involves applying a soap-free, nontoxic detergent to your carpet fibers to unlock these sticky, allergen trapping oils. We then thoroughly agitate your carpet fibers to fully loosen these oils and allergens from your carpeting. We then thoroughly rinse with powerful vacuums leaving your carpet clean and allergen-free.

Clean Carpet Regularly to Remove Allergens

Most carpet manufacturers recommend having your carpet professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months, depending on wear. However, depending living arrangements including how many people live in the home, cooking habits, pets and children, having your carpet cleaned every three to six months may be a better option.

Under a micron microscope, soils appear as shards of glass that can cut into the carpet fiber as it is worn. Worse, constant vacuuming with a vacuum cleaner that uses a beater-bar may cause further wear as well as allowing oils to smear to other areas of the carpet. Having your Nashville carpet cleaned regularly removes surface oils, allergens and soils so your carpet is cleaner, healthier, and lasts longer.

Choosing the Right Carpet Cleaning Service in Nashville

The carpet cleaning industry as a whole is composed of mostly independent, non-franchised companies, like EverClean. Many of these companies are not certified through regulatory organizations such as ISSA or IICRC. Unfortunately, because of the low cost of starting a carpet cleaning service, many carpet cleaning companies unknowingly create unsafe environments by over-wetting the carpet during cleaning process.

Carpet mold can grow beneath wet carpet, and is unfortunately an out-of-sight-out-of-mind problem that’s discovered later than sooner. Many carpet cleaners want to make their customers happy, so they turn up the hot water pressure to deliver a deeper cleaning. The problem with this as that the carpet padding below is the same material that car wash sponges are made of. When over-zealous carpet cleaners apply too much water, that excessive water goes right through the carpet backing and absorbs into the sponge-like pad beneath. Here it can create a hazardous environment by allowing mold to live off of the organic material available including latex glue and wood subflooring.

Choosing the right carpet cleaner involves researching a company online including certifications, associations and reading through their reviews not only on Google, but Yelp as well. In fact, a big red flag is when a Nashville carpet cleaning service has reviews that are not reflecting the same quality average between Google and Yelp. If their Google reviews appear great, but their Yelp reviews are lacking, something is not right. EverClean meets all the requirements as a reputable carpet cleaning company in Nashville TN. We are an IICRC certified company and our five-star reviews balance equally on Google and Yelp. EverClean help remove indoor allergies from your carpet.