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Staircase Carpet Cleaning Nashville

removing carpet stains from staircase in Nashville TN

EverClean Nashville was recently hired to remove heavy carpet stains from a carpeted staircase. As the picture boasts, our carpet stain removal service eliminated the stains making the carpet look brand new again. Here’s a handy carpet stain removal guide.

Why Carpet Stains Reappear

Many Nashville Tennessee residents don’t realize that the soap found within store bought stain removers are next to impossible to remove once they’ve been applied to the fibers. The soap residue dries and becomes sticky allowing future soils to stick. It’s likely not that the stain reappeared, but that the soap residue is collecting dirt faster than the surrounding carpet.

EverClean Nashville offers soap-free carpet cleaning in Nashville so you never have to worry about a carpet stain reappearing. We offer professional services that make your home look, feel and smell amazing. Get a quote and schedule now!