What Makes Carpet Look So Dirty?

Carpet is the largest filter in your home. It catches far more soil particulates than anything other surface and your vacuum bag can verify that. Cleaning your carpet regularly not only improves its appearance and longevity, but the over indoor air quality of your home.

Did you know you should not clean your carpet when it appears dirty, but on regular intervals to remove the oils and soils you cannot see? Most carpet manufacturers recommend cleaning your carpet every 12 to 18 months using the Hot Water Extraction method (HWE) from a reputable carpet cleaning company.

Why Doesn’t My Vacuum Cleaner Clean May Carpet?

Most people don’t realize that oil is one of the most common soils found in carpet. Human sebum, pet dander and air-borne cooking oils act as an adhesive on not only your carpet, but your hardwood floors, laminate, vinyl and tile & grout. As these oils accumulate, they trap dust and dirt that vacuum cleaners can only smear around.

Extracting the oil from the carpet fiber is the best way to hit the reset button. EverClean applies the correct amount of detergent to the floor where it loosens the oils so we can extract them. This leaves your carpet fibers clean and soft.

Soil as Sharp as a Glass

While soil appears harmless it’s actually incredibly sharp when viewed with a microscope. Soil consists of mineral compounds that contain sharp edges that cut away at carpet fibers and floor finishes as we walk on them. In fact, even after extracting soils from the carpet fiber, your carpet may still appear soiled as the light refracts from the microscopic scratches caused by sharp soils.

Known as graying or abrading, sharp soils wear into the finish of each carpet fiber creating a divot that changes the direction of the light. Similar to washing your car with sandpaper, carpet, upholstery and hardwood floors may appear dingy after a thorough cleaning not because they’re dirty, but because soils have scratched the surface. As light reflects off the scratches, they refract in countless directions causing a gray appearance.

Cleaning your textiles regularly can reduce graying, and allow your floors to last much longer. While it’s impossible to stop graying or abrading, having your textiles cleaned regularly reduces this known problem while keeping your home clean and healthy.

Are you interested in removing sticky oil from your floors? Visit any of our service pages above for an online quote and to schedule your next cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning Health Concerns

Carpet cleaning involves many aspects of a persons physical health. From shoulder pain to back pain, a carpet cleaner can experience severe personal injury resulting from poor posture, chemical ingestion and repetitive motion. The carpet cleaning industry has a noticeable level of medical insurance claims, and knowing the causes might help Nashville carpet cleaners as well as DIY carpet cleaners avoid costly injuries. The article from clean fax gives and in-depth understanding of carpet cleaning do’s and dont’s.

Risky Business

Known Carpet Cleaning Methods

Wikipedia lists several known carpet cleaning methods widely used today. EverClean Carpet Cleaning Nashville offers both steam carpet cleaning, also known as hot water extraction as well as bonnet carpet cleaning for commercial applications. Contact EverClean Carpet Cleaning Nashville for more information regarding Nashville carpet cleaning methods.

Carpet Cleaning Methods

Steam Carpet Cleaning

Hot Water Extraction (Steam Carpet Cleaning) – EverClean and most Nashville carpet cleaning companies use hot water extraction, also known as steam carpet cleaning, as their cleaning method of choice. This method is preferred by most carpet manufacturers to maintain proper Indoor Air Quality, carpet appearance and warranty certification. Steam carpet cleaning is the most effective Nashville carpet cleaning method for two reasons: dilution and extraction. It is said that the solution to pollution is dilution.  This Nashville carpet cleaning method essentially flash-floods your carpet with extremely hot water while simultaneously extracting the moistened soils with a powerful vacuum. No other cleaning method reaches deeper and removes more soils than steam carpet cleaning. Most carpet manufacturers recommend a professional steam carpet cleaning every 12 to 18 months to maintain factory warranty.

Steam Great for Allergies

As middle Tennesseans, many of us experience the year-long allergen season, but replacing those carpets with wood or tile may not be the best answer. Steam carpet cleaning not only improves your carpet’s longevity, but also increases Indoor Air Quality within your home or office.

Similar to an air filter, carpet is a catch-all for dust, pollen and other allergens. A 2002 study by Triangle Research Institute (RTI) and University of North Carolina found that hard surface floors exposed students to higher levels of indoor allergens as compared to carpeted surfaces. Shaw Industries, the largest North American carpet manufacturer, recommends removing soils and allergens through steam carpet cleaning (hot water extraction) every 12 to 18 months. Similar to changing your indoor air filter, steam cleaning removes the soils and allergens that have built up over time. Having your carpets steam cleaned significantly improves your Indoor Air Quality as well as the longevity of your carpet. Call EverClean today to learn more about the benefits of steam carpet cleaning.