Pet Odor Removal South Bend Indiana

Pet Urine Odor Removal South Bend IN

Pet urine odors in carpet is a problem that just doesn’t disappear on its own. If you live in the South Bend Indiana area and are trying to remove dog urine or cat urine odors from your carpet you must remove the pet urine form the source first. If you think about it, carpet is only a mesh textile that is very porous. When a dog, cat, ferret or rabbit urinates on the carpet, it passes through the carpet and pools in the padding beneath. Worse, it saturates the wood or concrete subfloor beneath.

The best way to remove the pet urine odors from your South Bend carpet without replacing it is to remember the saying: The solution to pollution is dilution. Cleaning the surface of your carpet wont help so you must remove it from the pad beneath. How EverClean Carpet Cleaning removes pet urine odors in South Bend is by giving the urine salts exactly what they want: Water. We find each pet urine spot with a Ultra Violet light, then re-saturate the urine spot, carpet and pad, with hot water that contains a weak acid, white distilled vinegar will do if you’re the Do-it-yourself type. We then disperse the cleaning solution into the pad by simple stepping on it (with rubber shoes). Note: Pet urine odors are acidic when they’re fresh but become alkaline after they become rancid. The weak acid simply helps break up the alkaline salts.

After re-saturating the pet urine stain we use a special platform that we place on top of the carpet spot that then sucks the spent cleaner and pet urine up out of the carpet and out to our van. For DYI, a wet/dry shop vac will work but you must push the vacuum down into the carpet to remove as much of the moisture as possible. A thick cotton towel will also work by simply setting it on top of the urine spot and standing on it to wick the fluids back into the towel. Note: You will never be able to fully remove pet urine scent from that towel so it’s a good idea to turn the towel into a cleaning rag afterwards.

Allow the freshly cleaned pet urine spot to completely dry, usually after a day or so, and the odor should not be noticeable any longer unless you put your nose right down into it. Another additional step is to apply enzyme after flushing out the pet urine from the carpet. EverClean Carpet Cleaning applies enough enzyme, usually an ounce or two depending on the size of the urine stain, then again we step on it to disperse it into the pad beneath. The enzyme does two things, 1) Breaks down the odor causing bacteria usually over a two week period; 2) Allows some of the enzyme to penetrate the subfloor to also attack any bacteria that has seeped into the unfinished wood or concrete. Note: Enzyme is obviously not recommended if there is finished wood beneath, though the pet urine has likely already damaged any finished subfloor beneath.

After applying enzyme and dispersing into the pad EverClean Carpet Cleaning then cleans the surface of the carpet while leaving the enzyme in the pad so it continues to work after the cleaning. If you have pet urine odors in your carpet and you live in the greater South Bend Indiana area, give us a call today to set up a cleaning or if you just have more questions about how to remove pet urine odors yourself. We’re glad to help!

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Pet Odor Removal from Carpet

Pet urine is one of the worst substances to have in your carpet. Not only is it an ugly stain, it also contains odor causing bacteria that live long after you apply a store bought cleaner.

When your dog or cat urinates on your carpet it rarely sits on top just waiting for you to clean it up. No, it absorbs through the carpet and into the padding where it sets up shop, literally. When pet urine goes into your carpet pad, urine salts begin to crystalize. Over time these urine crystals absorb moisture from the air, subsurface or anywhere possible. This process enables the bacteria to continue their life cycle, which is the cause of the pet urine odor.

Naturally, most people turn to store bought cleaners as a remedy to remove the urine stain and pet odors that come with it. The problem with store bought pet odor removal cleaners is that most of them only mask the issue. If you’re reading this post, you’ve likely cleaned the stain once or twice and yet it continues to return. This is because the dog urine in the pad re-evaporates to the surface as the salts find new moisture in the air. In short, the old pet urine needs to be removed from the pad either through subsurface extraction or enzyme applications.

Next to replacing your carpet and pad, there are two ways to rid the padding of the pet urine: subsurface extraction and enzyme treatment. Subsurface extraction involves saturating the contaminated area with strong disinfectants while using a special flood extracting tool to remove the solution from the carpet and pad. This method can also be accomplished with a lot of large cotton towls to extract the solution, but it’s messy and not as effective.

The second option involves saturating the contaminated area with a liquid enzyme substance. When the carpet and pad are saturated, the enzymes begin eating the odor causing bacteria and within a time of 4 to 14 days the pet odor bactria should be fully digested. At application, the area is to remain saturated until is fully dries. Cleaning the area afterwords is recommended. You can purchase enzyme cleaners and most local pet stores.

EverClean carpet cleaning uses both approaches to remove the most pet urine from your carpet. After flushing your pad, our expert technicians inject enzymes directly into the padding so you may walk on the carpet without getting your feet wet. Call today for a free dog urine pet odor removal estimate. 615-379-3278