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Here are a few tips when considering cleaning your South Bend Indiana carpet with a rental carpet cleaning machine. You want to thoroughly pre-vacuum your carpet prior to cleaning to remove as much dry particles as possible. Adding water to dry soils makes mud, so remove as much dry particles before you clean your South Bend, Granger Indiana or Mishawaka carpet with a rental machine.

Once you’ve thoroughly vacuumed your carpet, I recommend applying detergent directly to your carpet instead of using the reservoir in the rental carpet cleaning machine. You’ll want to use a gallon pump up sprayer and mix the carpet cleaning detergent accordingly. Note: Using more than the recommended amount of detergent doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have cleaner carpet. Too much detergent can lead to your carpet getting dirtier faster. The reason is that the surfactant within the carpet detergent, if not significantly removed, can cause rapid resoiling. Now, after you have applied the cleaner to the carpet pile, you’ll want to wait a minimum of 15 minutes before extracting it out with your South Bend carpet cleaning rental machine. This ensures that the detergent has sufficient time to loosen the soils prior to extraction. Note: It is best to agitate the carpet with a clean shop broom to further help the soils to loosen from the carpet pile. Also note: Do not allow the carpet cleaning detergent to dry on the carpet pile; extract it after 15 minutes of applying.

After you have applied the detergent and agitated your carpet, I recommend using the Mishawaka rug doctor or any quality rental carpet cleaning machine to extract the detergent from your carpet. We prefer the Bissell Big Green carpet cleaning rental machine when cleaning high rises or hard-to-get-to carpeted areas. For softer carpet, add one ounce (two tablespoons) of distilled vinegar per one gallon of hot water to the carpet rental machine’s reservoir tank (where you would usually add the water and detergent) then start extracting. Note: For faster dry times, I recommend four dry passes to one wet pass, e.g., push away dry, pull back wet (which is also a dry stroke), push away dry then back dry. This allows for more moisture removal. See how to dry your carpet fast in another post.

I hope this post helps those in the Greater South Bend area and abroad when looking to clean their carpet with a rental carpet cleaning machine. You must be wondering why I would be giving away such helpful advice considering we are a professional carpet cleaning company in South Bend Indiana. The reason is that our machines are very powerful and a local rental carpet cleaning machine near me cannot compare to the results we deliver. Plus, most of our carpet cleaning customers are not DIY’ers. Don’t get me wrong, rental carpet cleaning machines are great for pinch hitting, but for deep carpet cleaning and heavy soil removal, our truckmounted equipment is your best option.

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Best Carpet Cleaner South Bend

EverClean Carpet Cleaning South Bend offers invasive carpet cleaning services to South Bend Indiana including Mishawaka and Granger Indiana. Getting a South Bend carpet cleaning quote is as easy as calling our office at 574-999-0484. We will ask you a few questions about whether you have specific carpet stains and odors, which areas you would like cleaned then give you a quote based on the information you have provided.

Our carpet cleaning technician will arrive to your home on the scheduled day and time and pre-inspect  your carpet to know its composition. Knowing what type of carpet fibers you have is key to deliver the best results possible. If you’re searching for carpet cleaning South Bend, carpet cleaning Mishawaka or carpet cleaning Granger Indiana, Call EverClean Carpet Cleaning today for your free phone quote.

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Which South Bend Carpet Cleaning Method is Best

If you’re seaCarpet Cleaning Wand rching for which carpet cleaning method works the best in South Bend Indiana, look no further then the Hot Water Extraction method. Hot Water Extraction, also known as steam carpet cleaning, is the most highly recommended carpet cleaning method by carpet manufactures to only deliver the best carpet cleaning results but to continue your carpet warranty.

How Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning Method Works

Hot Water Extraction (HWE) works by shooting extremely hot water into your carpet pile while extracting it out basically at the same time. EverClean Carpet Cleaning offers HWE and first starts by pre-vacuuming your carpet to remove dry soils. We then apply a non-hazardous detergent to your cut-pile or berber carpet fibers. We then agitate the carpet fibers to help the detergent loosen the soils. After agitation, we use a carpet cleaning wand that injects and extracts the spent detergents and soils out of your South Bend carpet.

How long does it take my carpet to dry?

Carpet dry times depend on several factors: Outside humidity, soil load, air movement and carpet fiber density. EverClean Carpet Cleaning estimates a normally soiled carpet on a dry day with moderate fiber density with an HVAC system to dry between 5 to 8 hours. For heavily soiled, thick carpet on a rainy day could add an additional 4 to 6 hours to the dry time. Your EverClean Carpet Cleaning Technician knows how reduce dry time by using your heat and air conditioning system as well as recommend other techniques for the fastest carpet dry time possible.

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Pet Odor Removal South Bend Indiana

Pet Urine Odor Removal South Bend IN

Pet urine odors in carpet is a problem that just doesn’t disappear on its own. If you live in the South Bend Indiana area and are trying to remove dog urine or cat urine odors from your carpet you must remove the pet urine form the source first. If you think about it, carpet is only a mesh textile that is very porous. When a dog, cat, ferret or rabbit urinates on the carpet, it passes through the carpet and pools in the padding beneath. Worse, it saturates the wood or concrete subfloor beneath.

The best way to remove the pet urine odors from your South Bend carpet without replacing it is to remember the saying: The solution to pollution is dilution. Cleaning the surface of your carpet wont help so you must remove it from the pad beneath. How EverClean Carpet Cleaning removes pet urine odors in South Bend is by giving the urine salts exactly what they want: Water. We find each pet urine spot with a Ultra Violet light, then re-saturate the urine spot, carpet and pad, with hot water that contains a weak acid, white distilled vinegar will do if you’re the Do-it-yourself type. We then disperse the cleaning solution into the pad by simple stepping on it (with rubber shoes). Note: Pet urine odors are acidic when they’re fresh but become alkaline after they become rancid. The weak acid simply helps break up the alkaline salts.

After re-saturating the pet urine stain we use a special platform that we place on top of the carpet spot that then sucks the spent cleaner and pet urine up out of the carpet and out to our van. For DYI, a wet/dry shop vac will work but you must push the vacuum down into the carpet to remove as much of the moisture as possible. A thick cotton towel will also work by simply setting it on top of the urine spot and standing on it to wick the fluids back into the towel. Note: You will never be able to fully remove pet urine scent from that towel so it’s a good idea to turn the towel into a cleaning rag afterwards.

Allow the freshly cleaned pet urine spot to completely dry, usually after a day or so, and the odor should not be noticeable any longer unless you put your nose right down into it. Another additional step is to apply enzyme after flushing out the pet urine from the carpet. EverClean Carpet Cleaning applies enough enzyme, usually an ounce or two depending on the size of the urine stain, then again we step on it to disperse it into the pad beneath. The enzyme does two things, 1) Breaks down the odor causing bacteria usually over a two week period; 2) Allows some of the enzyme to penetrate the subfloor to also attack any bacteria that has seeped into the unfinished wood or concrete. Note: Enzyme is obviously not recommended if there is finished wood beneath, though the pet urine has likely already damaged any finished subfloor beneath.

After applying enzyme and dispersing into the pad EverClean Carpet Cleaning then cleans the surface of the carpet while leaving the enzyme in the pad so it continues to work after the cleaning. If you have pet urine odors in your carpet and you live in the greater South Bend Indiana area, give us a call today to set up a cleaning or if you just have more questions about how to remove pet urine odors yourself. We’re glad to help!

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Carpet Cleaning South Bend

Carpet Cleaning Mishawaka IN

EverClean Carpet Cleaning Mishawaka IN delivers top notch carpet cleaning services to the South Bend and Mishawaka areas. Our employees follow a proven multi-step checklist to ensure your complete satisfaction. Call EverClean Carpet Cleaning Mishawaka today for free phone quote and to see why EverClean is all the buzz. We offer the Hot Water Extraction method (steam carpet cleaning), which is known as the most thorough carpet cleaning method in existence. Call us or visit us online at

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Carpet Cleaning Deals South Bend Indiana

EverClean Carpet Cleaning is proud to now offer carpet cleaning services to the Greater South Bend, IN area. Because we’re excited to show South Bend what we’re all about, we’re offering $40.00 OFF your first carpet cleaning service with EverClean Carpet Cleaning South Bend!

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Pet Urine Odor Removal

Pet Urine Odor Removal

EverClean Carpet Cleaning offers thorough pet urine removal through a process of dilution. If you have noticed pet urine odors permeating your home, you may wish to have us inspect your home for possible pet urine contamination. We use special lights that floresce the protien in urine so every spot is accounted for.
First, urine is not an issue of the carpet but of the carpet pad. Naturally, urine drains under the carpet where it pools in the padding. While most of the moisuture eveporates, the salt left behind never dries and always thirsts for more moisture. This is why the urine odor contineus to invade your home – it’s search for moisture brings it back to the carpet surface and straight to your nose. This is also why that store-bought urine removal cleaner isn’t working; it’s simply cleaning the surface, which is why you keep repeating the applications.
EverClean’s pet urine odor removal service involves invasive cleaning so we remove the urine from the source – the pad! We use special cleaners that break down the urine while using unquie tools to remove the spent detergent and urine. In short, we flash flood the urine spots to give the salt what it wants: moisture. After a short dwell time, we pull the cleaner with the old urine out of the carpet and pad with a subsurface tool used in flood removal applications. We then treat the urine stain with a strong oxidizer to either remove it or reduce it, depending on the carpet fiber.
You can attempt to remove pet urine odors from your carpet with special enzymes sold at most pet stores; however, the results are not as effective as cleaning it with our dilution method. Remember: the solution to pollution is dilution. Enzymes break down the odor causing bacteria, which is simply another way of skinning a cat, but most prefer removing the problem rather than morphing it. For more information on professional pet urine odor removal, contact EverClean Carpet Cleaning of Nashville TN today.
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What Carpet is the Easiest to Clean?

What Carpet is the Easiest to Clean?

Today’s carpet comes in several sythetic and organic fibers. Most carpet manufacturers use nylon, polyester or polypropolene in most carpet construction because of their durability, low cost and color and style availability. These synthetic fibers are more durable than natural fibers such as cotton, jute or wool, which is why they’re offered in today’s flooring market.

As a Nashville carpet cleaning company, EverClean feel it’s important for consumers to know the differences between these fibers so you make the right choice prior to purchasing or cleaning your carpet investment. Most of us know what berber carpet is; however, what people don’t know is that berber is usually made of polypropolene, which is a stain resistant fiber, but can crush easily. Berber’s natural loop formation adds buoyancy which makes it’s harder to crush in loop formation.

Both polypropylene and polyester cut pile carpet are oil based fibers so pet urine, sythetic dyes or other non-oil based substances will not adhere to it; however, oil based stains will surely stain it, and the most common traffic lane stains are caused by black soled house shoes or flip flops.Oil based stains are also common with home or offices that have black top paving outside as well as kitchens or hair studios that use oil based products. Removing oil based carpet stains requires adding solvents during or prior to the carpet cleaning process to help break down the bond between fiber and oil stains. Removal is not guaranteed as the oil loving carpet can absorb some of the oil based stain making impossible to fully remove, but your carpet cleaner should make a significant difference in removing most of the stain.

Now lets talk about my favorite type of sythetic carpet fiber known as nylon. As a carpet salesman years ago I used to sell polyester carpet for its stain resistance not knowing how quickly it breaks down under normal residential wear. When it comes to wear, nylon is supreme! However, nylon is porous and is known to stain easier, but carpet cleaners can remove most carpet stains. I tell my clients that I personally would rather have carpet that stains easier but lasts 15 years (nylon) over carpet that is harder to stain but looks broken down after a couple years (polyster capret). Not a believer? Go to your local home improvement store and feel the difference between polyester rope verses nylon rope. You’ll agree nylon has a quality that is second to none regarding synthetic carpet.

Carpet cleaning nylon fiber is similar to polyester but with less solvents as the oil based stains are typically not as prevalent. We recommend reapplying a stain guard to your nylon carpet to reduce stains from entering the porous fiber. If you have any questions before purchasing carpet or about attempting to clean carpet yourself, feel free to contact us at EverClean Carpet Cleaning by calling 615-379-3278. Visit us online at

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Carpet Cleaning in Ashland City TN

Carpet Cleaning Service in Ashland City TN

EverClean Carpet Cleaners of Nashville deliver the best carpet cleaning service and pet odor removal to Ashland City TN and surrounding areas. Our professional steam systems deep clean your Ashland City TN carpets leaving them clean and healthy. Did you know carpet manufacturers recommend having your carpets cleaned for health over appearance? That’s right, your carpets are a trap for dust, allergens and dust mites. Having your Ashland City TN carpets cleaned regularly is important to indoor health. Call EverClean carpet cleaning today for your Ashland City TN carpet cleaning needs.

EverClean Carpet Cleaning of Nashville prides ourselves on 100% satisfaction guaranteed service. If you’re not fully satisfied with your Ashland City Tennessee carpet cleaning service, you pay nothing. EverClean is family owned and operated in Nashville TN and we want to ensure you receive the best local carpet cleaning service in Middle Tennessee.

Carpet Cleaning in Ashland City Tennessee includes:

Detailed vacuuming – even at the baseboards and around furniture legs, green nontoxic spot removal application to knock out old spots and stains, steam extraction to deep clean your carpet.

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Carpet Cleaning in Pleasant View TN

Carpet Cleaning Service in Pleasant View TN

EverClean Carpet Cleaning of Nashville offers thorough carpet cleaning and pet odor removal to Pleasant View TN. EverClean Carpet Cleaning uses truck mounted steam carpet cleaning systems to deliver quality carpet cleaning results to Pleasant View TN and surrounding areas. Do you have carpet stains or pet odors that wont go away? Have you tried cleaning your carpet with a rented carpet cleaning machine at your local grocer? EverClean Carpet Cleaning takes your carpet cleaning issues away with powerful green detergents and industrial grade carpet cleaning machines.

EverClean Carpet Cleaning is family owned and operated right here in Middle Tennessee. We want to ensure you recieve the best local carpet cleaning service available in and around Nashville, which is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not fully satisfied with your Pleasant View TN carpet cleaning service, you pay nothing. We are confident you will not only be satisfied with EverClean carpet cleaning service, but you want to tell your friends and family of the great service received from EverClean. Call today for your Pleasant View TN carpet cleaning service free phone quote!

Your Pleasant View TN carpet cleaning service includes:

  • Detailed vacuuming – around baseboards and legs of furniture.
  • Green, nontoxic prespray and spot removal application
  • Steam extraction for maximum soil removal
  • Carpet grooming for professional appearance

Carpet Cleaning Pleasant View TN

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