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Welcome to the EverClean Carpet Cleaning Mishawaka IN page! We are excited to show you just how thorough EverClean can clean your carpet at an affordable price! You may wonder which carpet cleaning method is the best. We want to assure you that Hot Water Extraction (steam carpet cleaning) is the most recommended carpet cleaning method by carpet manufacturers because it is the most thorough method while also being the of choice to protect carpet warranties. EverClean Carpet Cleaning Mishawaka ensures your complete satisfaction by following a proven multi-step carpet cleaning method that delivers maximum cleaning with maximum value for your dollar. Our background-tested employees are highly skilled in identifying what type of carpet fibers you have and which cleaners are best to remove the most soils.

EverClean Carpet Cleaning includes a detailed checklist that starts with setting up our carpet cleaning service with care. Your professional carpet technician protects your home and comfort from many angles to ensure a safe and satisfactory carpet cleaning experience. Your carpet technician will pre-inspect your carpet fibers, diagnose common soil patterns, install door guards to keep air in and bugs out, place non-slip floor mats so no one slips, quietly and carefully bring our equipment indoors after placing corner guards to protect your walls.

During the cleaning your technician will detail vacuum your carpet as well as around the furniture legs and baseboard crevices. He will then apply a non-hazardous detergent to your carpet to loosen soils followed by scrubbing the carpet in heavier soiled areas. With the soils loosened the steam extraction process injects extremely hot water into the carpet while simultaneously extracting the dirt and spent detergent out leaving clean, soft carpet in its path. Your technician will then walk through your home or facility with you wearing shoe covers to ensure your complete satisfaction. He will then leave you with a stain remover recipe that works on most household stains. If you’re searching for carpet cleaning Mishawaka, look no further than EverClean Carpet Cleaning. We look forward to winning your business for years to come by delivering quality carpet cleaning with excellent and attentive service.

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