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Nylon vs Polyester Carpet

If you’re wanting a second opinion on which carpet to buy, understanding the difference between nylon and polyester is crucial. Not only is cost important but what your carpet’s durability is, in the long run, should also be a determining factor.


In terms of how a material feels is a pressing matter for customers. Modern-day carpet is typically softer due to the strands being finer than dated carpets. Both polyester and nylon have many different styles, and most feel cushiony and comforting beneath your feet. Nylon has the property to stand back up whereas polyester typically lays flat.

Stain Resistance

         Stains happen, and should typically be expected because well, life is unpredictable. Kids, pets, a glass of wine, or a tremendous get-together can often lead to normal wear and tear on your carpet. With that being said, the properties of both nylon and polyester are vastly different. Polyester’s material is water repellant whilst nylon’s material properties make it to be a more absorbent fiber.

Although this carpet doesn’t sound promising in terms of liquid spills, most carpets being sold today are treated with some form of a stain protection barrier. There are treatments such as “solution-dyed” which intel’s color from a liquid such as wine going through the carpet instead of sitting on the surface. The major downside to polyester carpet is because of the oil-based properties any oils can stain it. This includes the soles of any house shoe or exterior shoe, where it develops a darker shadow like cast in a frequently used walking area.

Long Term Durability

         In terms of how these two fibers hold up, in the long run, is a big determining factor. Polyester typically needs to be replaced in one to two years due to the fibers breaking down within a year to two years in high-traffic walking areas. Nylon is known to be one of the most durable synthetic fibers in the carpet market. This is typically credited to its ability to “plump” back up if the furniture was sitting on it or having been laid down for long periods of time. Due to nylon’s flexibility, it can bend and return to its original form while polyester will lay down and not return to its original plush look.

Is the Cost Worth It?

         Nylon typically has a higher price tag than polyester. However, before getting discouraged at prices, take in the life span of these fibers. Nylon will save you a ton of money and hassle in the long run due to needing to be replaced minimally. Polyester tends to lay down early on after installation and no amount of vacuuming will keep it standing after you return to walking on it.