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What Carpet is the Easiest to Clean?

What Carpet is the Easiest to Clean?

Today’s carpet comes in several sythetic and organic fibers. Most carpet manufacturers use nylon, polyester or polypropolene in most carpet construction because of their durability, low cost and color and style availability. These synthetic fibers are more durable than natural fibers such as cotton, jute or wool, which is why they’re offered in today’s flooring market.

As a Nashville carpet cleaning company, EverClean feel it’s important for consumers to know the differences between these fibers so you make the right choice prior to purchasing or cleaning your carpet investment. Most of us know what berber carpet is; however, what people don’t know is that berber is usually made of polypropylene, which is a stain resistant fiber, but can crush easily. Berber’s natural loop formation adds buoyancy which makes it’s harder to crush in loop formation.

Both polypropylene and polyester cut pile carpet are oil based fibers so pet urine, sythetic dyes or other non-oil based substances will not adhere to it; however, oil based stains will surely stain it, and the most common traffic lane stains are caused by black soled house shoes or flip flops. Oil based stains are also common with home or offices that have black top paving outside as well as kitchens or hair studios that use oil based products. Removing oil based carpet stains requires adding solvents during or prior to the carpet cleaning process to help break down the bond between fiber and oil stains. Removal is not guaranteed as the oil loving carpet can absorb some of the oil based stain making impossible to fully remove, but your carpet cleaner should make a significant difference in removing most of the stain.

Now lets talk about my favorite type of synthetic carpet fiber known as nylon. As a carpet salesman years ago I used to sell polyester carpet for its stain resistance not knowing how quickly it breaks down under normal residential wear. When it comes to wear, nylon is supreme! However, nylon is porous and is known to stain easier, but carpet cleaners can remove most carpet stains. I tell my clients that I personally would rather have carpet that stains easier but lasts 15 years (nylon) over carpet that is harder to stain but looks broken down after a couple years (polyester carpet). Not a believer? Go to your local home improvement store and feel the difference between polyester rope verses nylon rope. You’ll agree nylon has a quality that is second to none regarding synthetic carpet.

Carpet cleaning nylon fiber is similar to polyester but with less solvents as the oil based stains are typically not as prevalent. We recommend reapplying a stain guard to your nylon carpet to reduce stains from entering the porous fiber. If you have any questions before purchasing carpet or about attempting to clean carpet yourself, feel free to contact us at EverClean Carpet Cleaning by calling 615-379-3278. Visit us online at https://evercleantn.com

Brandon Branco, Owner/Operator
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